Ten things I learned from the biggest teacher called TIME

Ten things I learned from the biggest teacher called TIME. Today is Teacher’s Day, and apart from sending good wishes to my favourite teachers I am here to acknowledge to another teacher of mine – TIME.

There was a time when in our early school days we used to celebrate teacher’s day for our class teachers, we use to gift greeting card and flowers to our teachers. To express how much we value their teachings.

As I grew up I understood, teachers were the best part of our life but still they remained with us for a very limited time. They were always available to answer any question we asked, be it as silly or irrelevant, we were always encouraged to clear our doubts.

Then time changed, we moved on with life and we grew up. While growing up I realised that time is the biggest teacher for everyone.

Whether we realise it or not, time is very powerful. It has the power to turn your life upside down if it not in your favour and vice versa. Time teaches us the value of health, relationships and money. 

It helps us to gain experience. Experience or life lessons what we call them casually, to move ahead without repeating the same mistakes we did back in time.

Time is the biggest teacher and here are ten things I learned from the biggest teacher of my life

Time is the biggest teacher

1. Time teaches what matters

All our life we go after things which doesn’t even matter in the long run. We invest the biggest asset called time in so many irrelevant things unknowingly and only with time we figure out what really matters and we learn to segregate.

2. Time shows you the real face of humans

Someone is good with you today and you cannot just gaurantee how that person will be with you in future. I have lost so many friends who were once like family friends. Perhaps people have stopped making extra efforts to mend things and this is what time shows and we learn to let go.

3. You realise what you are capable of with time

It is said unless you actually get in to an action you will not be able to gauge your capability of performing that task. Sometimes even we don’t know what we are capable of only till we actually take the plunge and this is how we learn to persevere.

4. Time is indeed the best healer

We try to mend something broken, even though we put a lot of energy in making things like it was before, we fail. With my experience I have seen sometimes it is best to leave things on its own, give it time to heal and by this I learned to have faith in the process.

5. Time teaches us the value of life

I was always a positive person seeking only peace and happiness in little things of life. It was only when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and it took me a whole year to recover, I understood the value of time.

You only realise the importance of something when its gone, I lost my job because of my treatment, I lost my pre-illness body, I have a very week immunity system now even though I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I learned to value life.

6. Time shows what is actualy worthy

We want everything in our one small life. We spend a lot of time thinking on stuffs which might work or might not work for us. But we forget that we are already gifted with today and in between hustling for big things we forget to exist. Time taught me to pause and reflect.

7. Time teaches to prioritize

We cannot be omnipresent and the idea of being a perfectionist is all mirage of mind. When you force yourself into perfectionism you unknowingling challenge yourself all the time. You try to be everywhere, for everyone, but there are times when you don’t get the same treatment in return. You hardly find anyone for you when you need someone to talk with. Time taught me to identify where my priorities lie.

8. Time waits for none

It’s now or never, they said it and they said it 100% correct. There are so  many things which you wished to do, I wished to do or to not do, but the time is gone and it will never return. I often hear people saying that I wish life too had a rewind button because they want to undo few things, alter so many decisons of their life. Time taught me all we have is now and if you have an idea just don’t sit on it.

9. Time helps to differentiate 

The bigfest lesson I have learned while growing up with time is, that it is a continous learning process. It depends upon the individual what he can take out and put in use.

I have learned to channelise my energy on things which are beneficial for me and focus on where it can keep me mentally fit. I started taking care of my mental health with time.

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10. Time tests, but not to destroy us

Time is blamed to be evil but time is just being constant while teaching us that nothing is permanent. It is said that the time doesn’t come to destroy us but to bring out the best in us and with time people survive biggest of their fears and losses they thought they could never face. With time and experience we gain strength.

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Time is the biggest teacher, I have learned it the hard way. But in the end at least I have learned to segregate, prioritize, focus on what matters, take time for little things in life and value time.

Much love and gratitude



9 thoughts on “Ten things I learned from the biggest teacher called TIME

  1. A sweet reminder, a continuous melody. Indeed time has a way of getting acknowledged whether you wish or not. One of the most important yet ignored aspect of life. Very beautifully expressed and emphasized upon.


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