Mental Health Awareness Series -Time to talk -Humanity Ki Chain

Mental Health Awareness – What is Mental Health and why is it so important to talk about Mental Health?

As per the World Health Organization, 800 000 people commit suicide every year. Believe it or not, India is the second country with increasing suicide rates every year.

It is said prevention is better than cure, but how to cure something, of which we are not even aware of. For any suicide prevention we need to aware ourselves from our surroundings and people breathing with us, we need to be aware, be present and be there. 

May be by simply being there we can save a tragedy, we can save a life. It all happens in front of us, we watch them decay, lost, destroyed but we just judge, assume and never reach out.

Join me in my initiative #Humanitykichain – Time to talk.

An attempt to spread some Mental Health Awareness by sharing real and the inspirational stories of the Pain Warriors.

The aim of this initiative is:

·         To spread mental health awareness

·         Break the stigma surrounding it

·         Enable people to talk about it

·         To reach out the maximum number of people

Language: Hindi or English

Duration: Minimum 4 minutes, maximum up to you 😊

Content option:

·         Your story (if any)

·         Your message/views (to raise awareness)

Details needed:

Your full name, Place, a brief background, your story of fighting depression or any stressful situation, your learnings and message to inspire others, to let them know Mental Illness is not abnormal it happens, and it is as important as physical health.

If you have written any book on Mental Health or Stress Management, you can surely promote it in between.

Also, provide your Social Media links, so that I can put it in the description below the video.

I will be starting with one video per week. I am reaching out to many people if you feel you know someone who can share their story do ask them to get in touch with me.

Thank you. If you have any query do not hesitate to contact me.

Subscribe to the Channel here-

If you want to share your story or an inspiring message, you can connect me at the below-given points of contact.

Connect with me –



Let’s talk and spread positivity 😊

Much Love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

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