Real People Real Stories #1

Depression has no face but Depression is for real. Depression Survivors come out strong and relate with others. Sharing a Real Story because we live in a real world even though the mode of presentation is Virtual.

As many of you know that I have started with a Mental Health Awareness Series named  Humanity ki Chain on my YouTube Channel as a medium to promote Mental Health Awareness and also give a platform to the Depression Survivors to present their story and inspire others.

As per statistics, 90% people don’t take Mental Health seriously, they think mental health is something they should not talk about but it is very important we talk about it, as it directly affects our physical health as well.

People  have a habit of ignorning mental health or avoid seeking help for the fear that they would be called as mentally ill or they would be judged, labeled. But the fact is, it is as important as our Physical fitness.

It is just like when we fall ill , cold, cough, fever, we take medical supervision, Same way a proper medication, care and the feeling that it will heal with time and our loved ones are always there to help and support us, will surely cure depression and any Mental distress.

While some people choose to come out open and speak about their problems, there are few who still prefer to be a silent warrior. But a story is a story if it is worth inspiring others.

I will be presenting what I all get in the form of a blog post which could act as a source of inspiration and motivation to the readers and a message to the ones who are struggling that, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Depression Survivors, the pain warriors

Depression Survivors

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It is sad to see that society see depression, anxiety or any mental illness with prejudice. There is a lot of stigma attached to it, which we need to break and it is possible only when we will collectively speak about it.

Name: Anonymous (because he wanted to keep his identity safe)

His story in his own words.

I after being a positive and happy person, I was diagnosed of clinical depression. When asked the reason, doctor said, there is no exact reason for it and you don’t need one.
I used to wake up my brother from sleep  just to know he was alive.  Such a difficult  phase -depression was for me. My Mom and dad was my pillar of support with which I won over depression. It is just like any disease you don’t know the cause of.
I have some tips for people undergoing a phase of depression in life, which helped me.
  • Fill up your bed room with happy quotes filled with positivity.
  • Read them aloud everyday.
  • Get back to things you have a passion for.
  • Tell or vent out your feelings to your parents or preferably your spouse or simply the person you trust the most. This will bring down anxiety levels and improve your mental health.
  • Have curd a scoop on a daily basis.
  • Include blue berries and dark chocolate to your diet.

Today If I can come out of depression and lead a happy life, I guarantee you all can be successful too.  Make the obstacles in life a stepping stone to your success. Let it be if life gives you sad moments it will give you the rainbow of happiness as well.  Never Give up.  Your life is what you make it.  Make it beautiful and inspirational.  All the best. Good luck.  Stay blessed and Take Care.

I will be posting more such stories, which I am sure will help to inspire others. Let us build a happy space together.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

25 thoughts on “Real People Real Stories #1

  1. Thank you for this post and the blog. I’m bipolar and it’s severe enough that I can’t function at a traditional job. I could have been sad and felt defeated, but instead now I have my own writing business and pay all my bills that way. I have started meditating and studying the Vedas, and if I can do one thing perfectly, it is daily meditation. It helps so much. If you’d ever like to hear my story and use it here, you may. ❤


  2. Your story is really inspiring. The problem I feel is many times one does not realise they need to ask for help. Self realisation is most important and what is equally important it is to have some one listen to you without judging at all.


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  4. A great initiative Priyanka to spread awareness on the D of Depression that we must speak about and flush out the stigma. I see great tips on how overcoming the issue for positive thoughts matter. I plan to stick positive quotes on my wall.


    • Hi Vishal, I am so sorry, I was away from my blogs for a while, not well, and coming back to a bunch of comments from your side, made a worthwhile. Thank you so much for reading my blogs and supporting me as always 🙂


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