Sunshine Blogger Award #8

Sunshine Blogger Award. I am happy to share my 8th Sunshine Blogger Award, I recieved my very first nomination from a fellow blogger and friend Chiru and today another fellow blogger and a friend of mine has nominated me.
I have skipped answering to few nominations before and I apologise for that, but as we are nearing towards the year end, I wanted to take a moment to connect with my friends here.
Thank you so much Sidharth for this nomination for Sunshine Blogger Award and your constant support in my blogging journey, I always admire your sense of writing, dark and intense. A wonderful person with a creative pen in hand, do check out this gentelman’s blog guys (Writing Rhymes)


Sidharth’s Questions to me:

Q1) How did you start your blogging journey?

I was house arrrested due to my chronic illness and due to my over-ambitious and restless peronality, I needed something to feed my brain, I created a blog and started writing.

Q2) What is your masterpiece post & why is it so emotionally close to you?

After a year of blogging, I gained courage to openly talk about my mental health condition and my anxiety issues and from last one year I have been only talking about mental health awareness, and recently a post of mine got hit at Youth ki Awaaz and I was also featured at YourStory.

Emotionally connected, because it is all about those unfelt emotions and uncalled issues, we face in our daily lives , but we get up and show up daily.

Q3) Name 7 bloggers that inspire you.

Well Everyone inspires me, every content creator is an inspiration for me.

Q4) What aspects of your posts do you focus the most while presenting it to the audience?

I focus on language, I try to keep it as simple as possible then the structure of the content and I aim to give my readers some value in the end.

Q5) A post on WordPress that you read which had a deep impact on you?

A women had shared her depression story, how she is dealing with depression and how she could ditch those suicidal thoughts and get back in life, that was quite liberating.

Q6) Share a comment that you received that really made you smile?

I smile over each and every comment I recieve, just like my five year old daughter 🙂

Q7) Would you like to share a life-altering encounter?

Can’t think of anything at the moment.

Q8) What are your dreams & aspirations in life?

I see a new dream daily and have set a lot of goals for myself, realistic ones. But yes I want to optimize my life and get the maximum out of it, I am here so I have to leave my mark before I go.

Q9) What is that one thing that scares you the most & how have/ are trying to overcome it?

Like I said, I do have issues, which takes a toll over my health. Blogging, writing, video creating keep me engaged and I have something to look forward daily, I just don’t want to lose all this and I work hard daily to make the shit happen.

Q10) What’s the legacy you want to leave behind with your blog?

It is said that either you lead by example or you set an example, so I want o be someone’s survivor guide, if at all after a few years someone stumble upon my 400 blog’s site, he/she should gain something out of it. A smile, an inspiration or simply a motivation will make my goal accomplish.

Q11) What will your future posts be about?

My future post will be more about Mental Wellness, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. I have a separate blog for Mental Health named Sanity Daily, it is my baby start-up, I have things in pipeline for it. Need good wishes.

So this is all about me, hope you all enjoyed reading my answers, I write what comes to mind, without editing or flowering my words. Thank you once again Sidharth and before I leave, here are my few questions to you all amazing people reading this blog today.

1.) What defines you?

2.) What are you grateful for?

3.) What are your biggest assets in your life?

4.) How do you deal with stress?

5.) If you have a dream, a dream too high for your aspirations, you achieve it or you sleep on it?

6.) What makes you a unique blogger?

7.) Will you take care of your mental health as you do for you physical health?

My nominees are for Sunshine Blogger Award:

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