OCD is not a trendy label, it’s a Distressing Disorder

You are such a neatness freak, do you have OCD? You are such an OCD, you want everything in order and clean. Neatness, tidiness and staying organized is a personality trait, not a disorder.

I want things neat, clean and organized but I am just a neatness freak, I do not have OCD, so if you think that your urge of keeping things neat and clean makes you an OCD, think again, because it is way beyond your imagination.

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What is OCD or Obsessive Compulsion Disorder?

When we talk about OCD,  I am sure 99% of the population doesn’t even know that it is something very serious and not to make fun of. When someone washes his/her hands frequently and loves to stay organized: it’s a part of their personality, and it doesn’t affect any other family members staying with them. Ya, they just get labeled as a neatness freak.

Now when we say I have got a little bit of OCD or my wife or my husband has got this OCD for cleanliness, think twice when you say that.

Four major symptoms of OCD

  • Contamination and Washing.
  • Doubts About Accidental Harm and Checking.
  • Symmetry, Arranging, Counting.
  • Unacceptable Taboo Thoughts and Mental Rituals.

OCDiers are the ones who feel they might harm others as well, their washing of hands, not touching things and not letting people touch them are their intrusive reactions to the compulsions they are dealing with daily.

” OCD is not a personality quirk, it is a distressing mental disorder”.

Real and very recent research bought forward real stories of people around the world dealing with OCD and I recently watched a documentary that denotes the distressing lifestyle of individuals dealing with real OCD.

1.) A guy developed OCD from his OCD mother, and he went a step ahead. Today he stays alone, wears gloves, no one is allowed to hug him or touch him, not even his mother and he doesn’t want to get into any relationship either, because he feels everyone carries germs. Things like operating a lift, using public transport are nightmares for him, he wears caps, jacket, layers of clothes to prevent himself from people’s touch.

2.) A woman has this habit of doing things four times, keeping everything clean and saying prayers before doing any work or she feels something bad will happen. She passed this to her two daughters and now they are also living with OCD.

3.) A young girl washes her hands using gallons of soapy water because she doesn’t feel clean enough no matter how many times she washes her hands. So, no washing hands and keeping things clean is not OCD, this severe condition is.

There are the end number of examples around the world, wherein people are grappling with problems in silence. It is such a complex disorder that 2% to 3% never come out as they find it very shameful and embarrassing.

Just imagine, how can you convince that I do things for four times(like folding a single towel for four times, washing hands four times before and after meal) and not be judged about it.

The worst part of OCD is that you cannot control your thoughts but yes you can control how you interact with your thoughts.

  • One can seek professional help and not be ashamed of it at first.
  • Join self-help groups to feel that they are not alone dealing with it.
  • Stay with your anxiety, do not resist, it makes it even worse.
  • There is no such thing as a little bit of OCD.
  • It’s kind of a blip in your brain and you cannot help yourself when you do something repeatedly.
  • OCD is distressing but seeing a Psychotherapist might help.

The problem with mental health issues is that people who suffer it, feel that they are the only ones going through this problem and they find it so weird that they choose not to share it with anyone because of the basic nature of the problem.

Please, anybody who feels their actions are intruding their daily life and affecting others along with them, do seek timely help, anyone who sees such difference in their near ones, do reach out and check on them, help them and intervene when needed.

Be there. Be aware.

Much love and gratitude


6 thoughts on “OCD is not a trendy label, it’s a Distressing Disorder

  1. thank you for this wonderful post! I have suffered OCD, real proper OCD that left me unable to function and cope on a daily basis. Luckily I am far better nowadays, I have things that I do to stop me getting back into incredibly negative patterns of behaviour, but the truth is that it is also very easy to relapse when somethign bad happens or there’s been a lot of stress in life. Everyone uses the term OCD these days as if everyone who is extra tidy or clean are OCD, but has you say it is a distressing mental health disorder and should be treated with respect and not laughed at. The only people who I think are allowed to laugh at OCD are those who suffer from it (if it’s a way of coping and dealing with it).
    Wonderful post and I’m going to share 🙂


  2. Really interesting read! A lot of people actually mean only one or two of the four OCD types whenever they talk about it. All types of OCD can seriously affect one’s quality of life once they get out of hand. So yes, there is nothing trendy or ‘cool’ about OCD. Thank you for this post!


  3. This post spreads the right awareness and a way to tell those afflicted, You are not alone. So many of us have our own OCD and Awareness is the first step and removing the guilt or shame, Priyanka.


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