Letters of Compassion -Humanity Ki Chain Extended


Hope you all are doing well!

What could be better than to start the year with going back to basics, I mean come on we are already in 2020 and I guess this year will bring a lot of positivity and great things in our lives, atleast that is what we can hope by spreading the humanity ki chain and being a part of it.

Besides, what we as a society, as humans can do for each other to make this world a better place to live in? As many of you know that I write a lot about mental health awareness and in lieu to spread some more awareness I had started with an initiative last year named; Humanity Ki chain.

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Idea behind Humanity ki Chain

Humanity ki chain is a mental health awareness series currently running on my Youtube channel (Virtual Siyahi) the idea behind starting this series was to enable people to talk about mental illness, it’s importance and why is it important to talk about mental health.

I was way to skeptical thinking who would join me, but I have this habit of following my instincts and go ahead with my idea. It worked! I have posted NINE episodes in the series and I am planning to keep it ongoing as and when I recieve guest videos.

The format of the series is such that anyone sitting from anyewhere in the world could become a part of this Humanity ki chain by simply recording few minutes of video expressing their views about Mental Health.

I am someone who don’t go behind the numbers, numbers such as followers, subscribers or views, I look for meaningful connections and the long-lasting ones. It takes time to form that everlasting bond with someone you don’t know but I have all the patience and perseverance it takes to take that step 🙂

Priyanka Nair

Priyanka Nair

So with all the love and support I get from you people, I have come up something which I call a “Letters of Compassion” lettering series, an extended part of Humanity Ki Chain. Where in every month I will be writing (handwritten) letters to three people who are connected with me through this virtual world in return of an answer to a simple question, Why should I write to you? In the end it is all about forming connections and bringing back the lost personal touch.

So, I am starting with my blog first and with my fellow bloggers first, here I ask my first; Why Should I Write to You? Write in comment or you can DM me at Instagram or email me (virtualsiyahi@priyankaspen.com). I will wait for you answers and I will pick three out of you every month and we will be in touch.

For now I have restricted this lettering series to Indian residents only and in future with your love and support, I do plan to extend it worldwide.

Let’s make 2020 all about better mental health and quality of life through simple and connecting gestures. Stay healthy. Stay sane.

Much love and much gratitude
Priyanka Nair

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