15 Ways To Fight Stress

How to fight stress? How to live a relaxed life? Questions like these have been bothering us for a while and we try to adapt to so many measures which could help us remain stress-free, don’t we?

With the advent of technology and advancement, came competition and then this instinct of survival of the fittest, which ultimately has given boost to a never-ending rat-race, resulting in stress.

Everyone is going somewhere, following someone, doing something but if you ask them hardly a few of them will be able to reflect, introspect and give an answer to their hustle. Well, we don’t need answers, we shouldn’t question anyone though, but this unwarranted pressure is creating havoc in everybody’s life.

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How to fight stress and remain stress-free?

We all deal with financial instability, career-challenges, relationship problems, deadlines and physical health but there exists a shortage of care when it comes to dealing with our mental health.

We often experience moments of extreme stress and look out for help and support around us. Strong support in the form of a mother, father, partner, friend or even a child.  It can be tough to struggle alone through difficult times.

Reasons for stress in our life

We all go through various phases in our life, some lose their life-partners, some lose their job, some lose their parents and some lose money and peace of their mind, what matters the most is that how to fight stress and maintain our inner-balance and not lose ourselves, so that we can at least bounce back in our life once we heal. We all could use a little bit of moral support during stressful times.

15 Ways To Fight Stress

How to fight stress and remain calm? How to maintain our inner-balance and why do we need to remain stress-free at all? While there could be an end number of ways a therapist or practitioner could suggest to you, I will share fifteen handy ways based on my personal experiences and life experiences of others around me, I hope you find these useful.

How To Fight Stress

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1.) Meditate

According to researchers, meditation is the number one most effective form of stress buster. Meditation can be practiced for as few as 10 minutes each day, it can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

2.) Workout/Exercise

Exercise is very good at defusing stress, it is just that the first step to adapt any form of exercise into our lifestyle is the biggest challenge for one. With proper and regular exercise, you burn off stress hormones instead of letting them pile up and cause pressure.

3.) Set realistic goals

We set new year goals, new year new me goals, career goals, relationship goals, sometimes we do it to please others, impress others and overlook our own capacity to meet the set target, it is always advisable to set realistic goals knowing your capacities, you will be slow but you will be 100 % successful in accomplishing your goals this way.

4.) Get rid of unrealistic expectations

Expectations hurt, yes it does, brutally. This is one of the biggest life-lesson I have learned. We expect so many things form our spouse, parents, siblings, friends and kids that we unknowingly depend upon them for our happiness and when they don’t do things as we expect them to do, we feel bad, we feel agitated and stressed. Get rid of your expectations and free yourself.

5.) Try chamomile tea

Caffeine has somehow proven to increase the anxiety levels of many people who suffer from anxiety issue, it even disturbs sleep patterns. I am a coffee person but I noticed that whenever I consumed more than two cups of coffee, I felt anxious and restless without any reason, I replaced it with Green tea and Chamomile tea and it helped me restore.

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6.) Restorative Yoga

Yogasnas is rejuvenating. Nothing beats yog and pranayama to connect with your own body, it is like nurturing your soul with body postures and breathing in and out. Please make Yoga a must thing in your daily routine.

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7.) Visit a counselor

You can always seek help from a professional if you are on the verge of burnout or you are feeling too dark and distressed. Sometimes we take things casually but it results in a bigger picture in the long run which does more harm than we could have imagined.

8.) Breathe in breathe out

Connect with yourself. Go for a walk alone, play your favorite music, grab those headphones and go for a nature walk. While you listen to music and breath with yourself amidst nature, you will feel lighter and energized than before.

9.) Organize Meet-ups

There is this option of arranging meet-ups within your interest area. You can organize meet-ups at your house or a nearby a cafe and form a self-group group or initiate a discussion of the topic of your interest, this way there is a chance for you to connect with like-minded people. When you are under stress you look out for people who understand you and could resonate with your thoughts.

10.) Pick up a good series from Netflix

Choose Netflix, Amazon Prime or any web streaming service of your choice and pick up a series of your choice, watch it. You will have something to look forward and it will keep you distracted, I would not suggest you binge-watch though but it will be a pleasant getaway to watch something new.

11.) Sleep

Sleeping is the best escapade. I mostly sleep when I feel stressed or when I find myself tired, we usually stretch ourselves like we use our cell phone till that last one percent of battery left 🙂 and then we feel overused and exhausted. Sleep helps you restore your balance.

12.) Explore your city

Have you ever taken a heritage walk to your own city? There has to be something unique and special about your place, just grab your phone, camera, water, and some food and take a day-long solo tour to your city. Admire beautiful places and discover new facts about your city.

13.) Journal

As I always say, write what hurts and write it loud and clear. If you cannot tell others about how you are feeling, tell it yourself. Write it out. Maintain a daily journal, write about how your day was, what made you sad and what made you happy. It will help you track your mood and maybe you will be able to identify your triggers.

14.) Join a book club

If a lot can happen over a cup of coffee then I am sure a book of 300 pages will have a lot to offer you. Join a library or a book club, these days we have book clubs dedicated to readers, search for your city and find one for yourself. Read books and live those imaginary characters, get some useful information or learn something new while you read one.

15.) Take a break

It works like a wonder. When nothing seems to be working, just switch off for a while, take social media detox, be less accessible, in short stay away from things that cause you to stress and take time to repair or heal. It is absolutely alright to give yourself a guilt-free break, it is only for your own good.

All the above-mentioned points are not from some other planet, we all know about these, you must have read it somewhere else, you must have heard someone else talking about these but the point is how many of you follow even five points out of these?

You know if you reading this blog, you already know that you are looking for some answers, you are finding some ways, how about working on the ways now and beat the hell out of that stress and take charge of our life. Let’s do it together 🙂

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

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