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A day of a mother. How do you think we spend our days? Watching saas-bahu drama or actually indulging in it? Gossiping? Spending time at social media or simply lazying around and doing nothing?

Women are always judged on their abilities on the basis of set standards. You are a good wife if you cook good food, keep your house clean and well-organized. You are a good mother if your kids are well-behaved and well-groomed. All the wows and hows are restricted to the woman of the house. Forget about the societal norms and judgment a mother or wife goes through in her entire life. So ladies, on a funny note, let’s give a hilarious twist to our day and have a good laugh at our flawsomeness.

This blog is entirely dedicated to all the mothers who manage all their day to day chores and make it a point to spend some quality time with their kids. A day of a mother could vary from mother to mother. Yes! Some are staying at home moms while some are working, but I am sure every mom tries her best to take out some time to cuddle and pamper her child, and that is what strengthens the relationship of both,  isn’t it?

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A Day of a Mother at Glance


Our perfect day starts usually around 6:00 am with the rhetorical line uth jao beta school jana hai, naha lo beta to kha lo beta.. This is how even I start my day and my beta usually gets up after half an hour of my morning raga. I try to hug her, wake her up with a smile and kiss her so that she starts a day with a positive note. The day when she throws tantrum and doesn’t want to have a bath or finish her milk is the day when I get pissed off and feel bad of not treating her well that morning, that sadness remains with me the entire day and I wait for her to come home so that I can hug her.

A day of a mother

Main ghar aagya, the very famous line of our beloved (pun intended) Nobita (Doraemon) is the line my daughter says when she arrives home from school and then begins the drama. What have you got for snacks, oh daily same snacks, from all the available things in the kitchen she would ask for something which is not available in the house and then I am the bad mama who doesn’t keep stock of her favorite things. A day of a mother.Sigh..

mother daughter

Mom, what are you doing, can we play UNO? Can I comb your hair? Can you play Monopoly with me, she attacks me with her list of game ideas. Sometimes when she is not in the mood and wants to watch her favorite T.V. shows, she allows me to work, yes she is too kind actually ( no pun intended) on my laptop but I have to sit right beside her. Mama, you sit here with me, you work and I will watch T.V., she says.

A day of a mother

Then comes the D Day, Holiday. Perils of moms who work from home are never considered to be like a working mom, especially moms who have taken blogging or freelancing work as their career path are not even considered as working at all. They are someone who is always online, posting things on social media and then judgment like who takes care of the kid? How she manages her house and all? So basically we lose all the social contact and yet juggle and struggle a lot to take out some peaceful time to sit with our thoughts and laptop to pen (type) down something and when it is a holiday we even sacrifice our sleep so that we do not disturb our child’s routine. We maintain the pyramid, see.

A day of a mother

The reward: I was working full-time even after Ishaanvi was born and it is only from three years I gave up my job and found my IKIGAI in Blogging world, ever since I have been moving ahead in the career path I have choosen for myself for two reasons: My daughter and my daughter. Many of my friends and relatives criticised me saying that I should have been working but my daughter needed me in her growth years and meanwhile, I discovered a new path for myself, most importantly, my daughter is happy to see her mother by her side at her every step.

A day of a mother

We spent a lot of wonderful time, we fight, we argue, we laugh, we play, we read, we write and we dream together. As I grow as a mother daily, I have discovered that I am raising a human being who I am not supposed to control or command. While raising a human in her, I just want a friend and want to travel places along with her. With this thought, I start and end my day.

happy mother

In the end, I would say that there are days when I feel extremely low or I don’t feel like playing or having fun and I tell her that mama is not feeling good today, I even cry in front of her because I want her to believe that staying strong is not the only acceptable norm, you can be weak, you can be strong, you can laugh, you can cry and I intend to make her accept all the beauty and flaws of life. We bloom as mother daughter in our imperfections and manage to smile in every situation. She even meditates and does yoga with me, we end our day over bargaining a glass of milk over a story or a ten-minute mobile game.

This is how motherhood looks to me and for many mothers. A day of a mother is full of flaws, adjustments, priorities, decision-making, sacrifices, and learning. No mother is perfect and I feel it should be the way it is, the day we feel we have become perfect we will stop growing and close the doors of new options/learnings in our life which will take away the child in us forever.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka and Ishaanvi 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Perfect Day Of An Imperfect Mother- Picture Blog

  1. Absolutely. The beauty of this relationship lies in its imperfections. The only difference this side is that I am bit lenient on his YouTube time with one condition that he must watch something informative. And then I love it when he describes his fav things, by often becoming my teacher repeating n reminding me of what I taught him.
    Yes, this journey, sometimes is tiresome but, extends immense peace n happiness at the end of the day.
    I am and will always be his proud mother. 🤗❤👩‍👦


  2. Imperfection in this relationship is the beauty of this relationship. Every mother sacrifice a lot just to see a smile on her kids face and that one smile is all worth the sacrifices..


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