Ten things I want to do before I turn 40

Things to do before I turn 40, whoa! I am in my early 30s and when I was in my 20s I was not this liberating and adventurous to think about what I want to do before I turn 30, so here I am with a wish list of mine with things to do before I turn 40. Never too late!

Many of you will resonate with me when I say this that real life begins after 30, it is that time of life when we learn few things out of our own experiences and begin to unlearn few things which are by-product of the society and stereotypical beliefs.

In short, we start reasoning, seek purpose, find solace and look out for things which brings out the best in us. I am a little spiritual and peace seeking person. I prefer doing things which could lead me towards peace and calmness.

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Things to do before I turn 40

You all must be having a to do list, bucket list or wish list or what ever you may choose to call it. I have made this kind of list many times in my life in past few years and I must acknowledge that everytime I have managed to strikethrough at least two-three wishes. I have been able to live my wishes. I set realistic goals and try to work towards them, so here is my ten things to do before I turn 40 list;

things to do

1.) Learn Guitar

Because I love MUSIC. I use to learn classical music training till I was in my high school, afterwards as the burden of studies increased my hobbies took a back seat. After college my fingers got friendly with guitar and I did a lot of jamming with my friends and soon after getting married now my guitar has just become a  show piece beautifying a corner of my house.

Everytime I look at it I feel so restless and I promise myself that I will get back to it soon, so breathing in between those six strings is one of my dearest wish before I turn 40.

2.) Learn another language

After my marriage I was working with a Multinational Company and since it was a German based compan and in order to greet and strike a healthy relationship with my client base in Germany I had learned basic deutsch, and I realised the importance of learning a foreign language. I am still basic skilled in German and I want to take it a step ahead before I turn 40.

3.) Grab one more Master’s degree

Yeah, this one is my favourite. Besides being an MBA in finance, I am CFA, have done Export Management, DCA and now to educate myself in Mental Health sphere I have done few certification courses in this field too. But something I still crave to go ahead with is a Master’s in Literature, so I am planning to enroll this year.Fingers crossed.

4.) Travel atleast 15 places with my little one (alone)

Recently, our government has introduced Desh Apna Dekho pledge where in to promote national tourism and enable us to become responsible citizen, government has urged to take a pledge to visit atleast 15 places in coming two years and share about it. I have signed the pledge and I wish to travel atleast some place out of my wish list my baby girl.

5.) Invest in my wellness

Because health is wealth. Recently I have been down, weak and very ill. I was even hospitalised for few days due to severe lung infection, my immunity has gone down the drain and I felt dull. I could not work out or take a walk. But I decided to resume yoga as soon I get back my stance.

6.) Ariel yoga

I have been facinated by this form of yoga. No wonder it requires deep connection with the body and core balance but what could be the best way to discover yours inner self. Ariel yoga is my dearest wish in this list.

7.) Prepare for Mount Everest Base Camp

No No, I am not overestimating myself and setting a realistic goals it requires a lot of home work and is subjective to little cost and time in the whole process. I will work out, eat good and train myself before I dare step out to roll out on such a huge adventure spree but isn’t it worth it? Damn! Mount Everest base camp! May be Mount Everest before I turn 50, then? LOL.

8.) Write a book

I have written an eBook last year and I got much love and appreciation for my work and I made it available for free on my website Sanity Daily. At present I am writing poetries and plan to publish it before this year ends but before I turn 40 I want to write a proper book with some valuable and meaningful content, I am building myself so that I will make myself eligible for someone to but my book without much of a publicity. Credibiltiy is hard to earn but it helps you sustain in the long-run.

9.) Buy myself my own house 

Yes OWN house. We have our house but that content and immense satisfaction of buying your own house and setting up a small world of your own is a different feeling altogether and besides that I want to leave as much as I can for my daughter so that she never have to suffer when she will find herself in difficult situations, she should always have a place to go back and seek refuge in.

10.) Insure healthy and secure environment for my child

All the above and this, combined together makes me nothing but a strong willed woman, ready to travel the world with her baby and ready to reckon everything which holds beauty and significance in life. I want to create a healthy and secure environment for my daughter and show her the world which is free from all the patriarchal beliefs. I will invest in making her life-ready and not sasural-ready.

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A woman at 34, wishing for so much before she turns 40. But a fair list I guess. In the end, we all have some wishes for ourselves but just like me I am sure many of you keep on postponing it, sometimes because of responsibilites, sometimes because of our priorities but I feel a things to do list should always be there, to remind you that you are allowed to wish, you are allowed to dream another dream and it is when you dream you live and trust me being alive and feeling alive makes all the difference.

Much love and gratitude


6 thoughts on “Ten things I want to do before I turn 40

  1. Congrats ✨You have turned 30, And congrats you have time to do. All your to do list are inspiring and a booster for people like me. Thanks for the beautiful post, And best wishes for you to accomplish all the goals before 40✨💐


  2. Wow that’s a great list and I feel motivated reading your list
    Aerial yoga, I. Planning to know more about this.
    Wishing you the best,
    Now that we are connected, I am going to follow your quills and learn more


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