Blog Prompts For Itchy Fingers


This blog is a list of blog prompts for itchy fingers, who want to write but when they sit to write they fall short of topics or cannot decide what they should write about.

I have been blogging over three years now and have tried my hands on many topics until I discovered mental health and wellness as my true niche.

Before entering into professional blogging with my brainchild Sanity Daily, I have been blogging on various topics. this blog is still my happy place to be as I can write anything here without adhering to any niche or SEO parameters.

I will try to curate a list of at least 35 topics for a blog and also provide with some useful tips to keep in mind while writing a blog/article.

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Blog Prompt for beginners: Can’t decide what to write?

Let me help you a little 🙂

1.) Ten Things About Me

2.) Ten Places in my Bucket List

3.) Why Staying Fit Is Important

4.) Fifteen Books to Read

5.) How Gardening/Cooking Helps Me

6.) Is Artificial Intelligence Reliable?

7.) What is your idea of Feminism?

8.) How Can We Play Gender Equality?

9.) How to Balance Work and Personal Life?

10.) My idea Of Environment Protection

11.) How a Movie Changed my Life

12.) How being a 90’s Kid shaped you

13.) DIY Tips for Fashion/Art & Craft

14.) How To Practice Self-Care?

15.) What is your idea of Progressive Parenting?

16.) My vision of India in next ten years

17.) Things I Want to do Before I Turn 20/30/40

18.) 10 Lessons I have learned from my Life

19.) Must Have Goals and Dreams

20.) Tutorial blog for a skill you have

21.) Photo Blog for a place you traveled

22.) Review of the recently watched movie

23.) Review of a Beauty Product

24.) List of Celebrities you follow and why?

25.) How do you take care of your expenses or any financial management advice out of your experience

26.) Review of your own journey/transformation

27.) Why a homemaker’s job is an underrated job?

28.) Men with Mental Health issues, how to deal with it?

29.) Your inference of any holy scripture you have read

30.) Menstruation Hygiene and awareness/ your period story

31.) How Domestic Violence Impacts Family and relationships?

32.) What are your views about Marital Rape

33.) How can we contribute to saving our planet

34.) One Event which changed the way you see life

35.) Your Goal List and journey

The blog prompt list could be quite an exhaustive one but I have tried to list down 35 blog topics related to our life and things we experience around us. Whether you are planning to start your blog today or just want to try your hands on writing you will always be in a lookout for topics till the day you discover your niche.

What is Niche and why it is important in blogging? 

If you are looking for blog prompts you must know what you are good at, I am sure we search for things we are interested in, we read things we like and we would love to write only within the area of our interest. Having a niche blog means speaking or representing a specific area, an area of your expertise. A niche is important because it helps you establish credibility and cater to a specific need.  It takes time to build your reader/audience/customers but with patience, perseverance and time you successfully manage to form a lasting connection with your readers.


What is SEO and why is it important in blogging?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) although might sound like a snake in the snake and ladder game but it helps you build a strong authority for your domain and improves your overall blog rank. If you want to rank on Google’s first page or get featured at rich snippet by Google you need to learn SEO and write blogposts within SEO parameters. It can be learned once you set your fingers in writing in a structure.

Talking about structure, make optimum use of heading, paragraphs, tables and make your information presentable and reader-friendly. Provide facts, valid links to the related articles links to the verified sources to add weightage to your post when you are presenting any factual or statistical data. Give credit to picture source and stay away from plagiarism.

Blog Prompts

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Few quick fact and handy tips to begin a writing journey

Even I started as an amateur and trust me I am still learning. Searching for blog prompts to making my blog well-structured to trying each and every platform, I have come a long way. But I feel after a while we should pass what we learned to others so that they don’t make the same mistake we made and identify the true purpose of joining the writing world.

  • Don’t write because someone else is writing
  • Instagram Page/Facebook Page is not a blog, it is just your personal account
  • You are a blogger when you have a distinct and dedicated blog page, doesn’t matter even if you start with the free plan of WordPress or any other blog platform
  • If you want to earn from your blog then you will have to invest your time and money and acquire the required knowledge
  • Blogging could be a hobby so you can begin with a free blog
  • Blogging could help you earn so take professional help in setup
  • Don’t follow the rat race
  • Being an influencer and blogger is a different thing, identify what you want to become
  • Don’t fall for what you see on social media, people even buy followers
  • Never fall for the numbers of followers and subscribers, always focus on forming a meaningful connection and lasting virtual base.
  • Write because you want to write, you want to express, you want to voice out.

In the end, I would say that blogging/writing is a different experience and I have made wonderful connections through my two blogs, Youtube Channel and other social media handles. Invest in yourself. Write what hurts and write it loud.

Hope this blog prompts list helps you and if you have any question regarding blogging or you need any guidance do get in touch with me 🙂  

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Much Love and Gratitude

Priyanka Nair

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