Quarantine Days – COVID2019

COVID2019 will be remembered by the whole world and soon we all will be talking about how we survived the lethal wave which was capable enough to bring the whole world down, says the optimistic me.

A lot has been said about Coronavirus already so I will not bore with the details neither I have any solid tips to offer as a counter measure to this pandemic.

I am here to express what I have been observing over last 15 days, how myths and rumours spread faster than reality, how we as a society have become ignorant that we bring cultural beliefs and traditions in a scenario which could have been the real picture of epidemic, famine and all the unforseen situations which is buried deep under our ignorant eyes.

Yes this is kalyug (age of downfall) and events like Covid2019 could be a way of reminding us that pal bhar ki bhi hasti nahi hai phir kis cheez ka gurur liye phirte hai hum insaan..some brilliant brats say that this is a conspirancy against U.S, some say it was written in a book ages ago, it was predicted by someone, this is all a political mess, this is nature’s way of reacting to the overload and also some chemical experiment gone wrong and some further inferences..

Now with so much overexposure to the information about COVID2019, just imagine how a reader or listener consumes one and spreads the same. The major culprits are WhatsApp groups and Facebook. People think they are spreading news but majority of them are unknowingly spreading poison in the minds of people being irresponsible netizens, influencing them and taking this whole thing into a different direction.


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I have exit all the whatsapp group to save my sanity and my thought process, all I believe in is applying common sense and not consuming information from unverified sources. Social distancing is the only way to break this chain, each one stay home and break this chain going viral and spreading across nations.

I personally salute all the medical professionals, milkman, maids and other help, they have been extending all the support they can fighting against COVID2019 and we in turn as so-called responsible citizens have stocked all the masks and sanitizers at home for personal use leaving nothing for others. This is how we extend humanity. I have seen myself that a lady had stocked up two polybags of masks for the prevention of her family and I was shocked to see that as the very same day I could not find a single one at the nearest medical shop.

The amount of myths and misinformation is such that people are distancing from someone who is coughing or sneezing even due to allergy or climatic conditions. This leads to mental stress and especially with kids, coughing, sneezing and cold was common even before corona existed but I guess people have forgotten this and they don’t even shy away to make jokes on this critical issue. All the social media platforms are flooded with mindless meme jokes, pulling each other down, political views on Covid2019 and how government could help or could not help. For once I feel we need to act as  responsible individuals/netizens taking care of each other.

I have a six year old daughter, I am not allowing her to play outdoors like other parents and I show her news to make her believe that the problem is for real beause at such tender age they don’t believe in such things because it is hard for them to understand, they feel trapped and restricted.

Looking at the news, she started crying saying that what if everyone will die mama, is it that bad, is it that dangerous to play outside? It was so heart-wrenching to see such a tension in my little one’s mind but I tried to soothe her saying that this will pass only when we choose to stay at home for few days, then another girl at the neighbourhood called and said that if I come to play at your house will police put me in jail? Mama is saying so… All this is affecting each age group in its own way.

Let us pray that that this storm passes with minimal damage and we realise that we are not only here to stay but to make sure that we value our breathes. I hope all my readers/fellow bloggers and friends stay safe, follow social distancing and be responsible netizens. Social distancing is not a big deal for people like us, blogger or writer who have been quaratined for life with their blogging profession but for some it is really difficult to stay at home.

For those, I want to say this is the time may be you were looking for..

You secretly used to wish for this day, a day when you don’t have to get up early,

A day when you can snooze that alarm and sleep a little more..

A day when you can read that half-read book

A day when you can watch your favourite movie or netflix series

A day when you can play with your kids and spend some time with your family..

We never know if in this lifetime we will be at the privilege to stay at home by government orders. 

Trust verified sources only. We will remember this lockdown day someday and realise that we have witnessed something which was never ever thought of. Meanwhile, take care and sending you all socially distanced hugs. I am ending this note on a positive side thinking that things will be fine soon 🙂


Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair


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