21 Day Meditation Challenge

Hi everyone,
So we are locked down for next 21 days, I am sure everyone is taking all the necessary steps to stay safe. Meanwhile, I thought of being a little helpful in saving your sanity by this 21 days Meditation Challenge. I will be sharing some tips and daily tasks until the next 21 days starting from tomorrow.
This is not a test but it is said that if you practice something for 21 days it becomes a habit. So let’s help each other in this tough time.
I will be sharing a post daily on my Instagram handle and will try to post here as well. So lets make the most out of this time.
Priyanka Nair
Are you going to join me? 🙂
Much love and gratitude
Priyanka Nair

19 thoughts on “21 Day Meditation Challenge

    • Meditating can seem abstract and confusing.

      Just remember the big picture to the practice: It’s an internal exploration.

      It isn’t about having no thoughts, it simply is about awareness. If your objective is to empty your mind and that’s your meditative practice, then any time a thought comes up, notice it and then gently return your focus elsewhere.

      The key: Explore your inner world.
      No judgement, just awareness. Whatever happens, happens.

      I’ve found anticipation, expectation, thinking should or shouldn’t thoughts, and all that only adds to the struggle of internal exploration.

      This is a theme all spiritual teachers repeat.

      Good luck to you! (:


  1. Mindfulness is all about being aware of what’s going on internally.

    Meditation is a formal, deliberate, practice to doing so.

    This is more important than ever!

    This came at a time of need, I hope others recognize it.

    Thanks for sharing! (:


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