21 Days Meditation Challenge – Day 3

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are doing fine. We are on the 3rd day of lockdown in India. Things are becoming difficult day by day and these are real testing times for human kind as well.

Being a humanity promoter, I wanted to contribute little something via virtual world so I just created this set of episodes whoch will be including some information about meditation, self-awareness exercise and some me time.

In today’s video I am trting to guide you to the meditation process, step by step. I hope it helps someone, please try it, you have nothing to lose and it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

Please stay at home and stay safe.


One thought on “21 Days Meditation Challenge – Day 3

  1. Mediatation is always a cure for our mental health.
    And yes, in 21 days lockdown, I have also taken a challenge of writing a post as 21 days 21 posts challenge.

    For Covid- 19, I published a post on ” Mental health in corona dats”.

    So lets keep up the spirit high and take this lockdown period for our growth.
    With love,


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