How To Maintain Focus During Meditation? Day 8

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe during this time.

Along with Yoga and Meditation, I tried a few Pranayam cycles today, it felt refreshing. I am glad that we are following social distancing and taking this thing seriously but what causes worry in me is the aftermath of this lockdown, what next? What is going to happen at Day 22?

Well, I do not want to create a sense of fear but this is certainly food for thought, so think about it. Meanwhile, I am sharing here few ways of focusing during meditation.

Three ways to maintain focus during meditation

Focus On Your Breath

It is all within you “Just breathe,”  and “Observe your breath,” by paying attention to the flow of your breath. By this, you’re noticing the cycle, the motion, of the air as it moves in and out of your body and it helps to maintain the rhythm.

Develop a single point of focus

This practice is one of the core aspects of Vipassana meditation, during which you focus all of your attention on the nostril. The idea is that by narrowing your focus to the point at which your breathe enters and leaves the body, you can enter into a deeper state of concentration.

If you have never used this technique before, it may feel strange the first few times you practice it. I encourage you to try out this technique several times before you decide whether or not you think it is effective and appropriate for you.

While centering on the nostril is a common practice, it isn’t the only place you can focus. Internally, many people like to focus on the rise and fall of their diaphragm.

Any of your seven chakra points can be great places to focus.

Chant a Mantra

One of the very old and very common practice is to repeat a mantra during your meditation.

Mantras are short phrases you repeat silently or aloud. The idea is that as you repeat the mantra, your mind is able to relax more deeply, and the rhythm of the repetition lulls you into a deeper state. It is the consistency of the mantra which helps in building a flow.

Besides this, a guided meditation app or meditating under the supervision of a trained practitioner also helps. Hope this helps you to get started 🙂

Please stay home and stay safe.


Source: The Joy Within

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