A classic damage

it might turn

trapped within time loop

it gets churn and churn

A time ago forever and

a hope beyond any divine prayer

soaking in and out of positivity

living in and out of life’s vicinity

a path uncovered

a life un-restored

A face unknown and untoned

few spirit-lifting words

few aching desires

some unfelt emotions

and a lot to acquire

picking up broken pieces

in every steep turn

holding myself

folding myself

hounded with the shallow past

I was searching around

then only inside I found

a missing piece of my faith in me

I adjoined the piece where it belonged to

I plugged in some unplugged chords

it made a flow of energy

some emotions uncalled

I had the desire

I have faith

I am upbound

lost but found

firmly intact and grounded

negativity surrounded but unwounded.

— Priyanka

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