Invisible Wounds

Physical or Mental

pain is a pain…

physical wounds are visible and curable

mental wounds are invisible and unendurable

just because you carry it well it doesn’t make you strong

you can be weak and there is nothing wrong

a broken heart is tired and drained

not able to accept further pain

you get labeled as a victim player

and you are no more in someone’s silent prayer

you are messed up in your mind

you can’t think straight

you just want to preserve what’s yours

before the world can have it’s take

you feel week and vulnerable

uncomfortable and irrecoverable

you need time to heal

but it becomes a never-ending ordeal

you wake up to make it even with your life every day

but this emptiness leaves you rattling

few people around leave you battling

for the pain and suffering, we go through

I have learned one thing

you need to have something of your own

a place of your own

identity of your own

people hardly stay forever

but you need to stick by your soul

love, Priyanka