Dealing with Children amid Social Distancing

What no one is talking about except for mommies 🙂 Dealing with children amid social distancing due to the pandemic. An inside war.

Kids are fun-loving, curious, lively, energetic and enthusiastic, they need constant food for their brain and their energy needs to be channelized in the right direction for them to explore and for us to save ourselves some sanity.

But amid this social distancing, loneliness, and isolation we as parents have been facing a tough time dealing with our kids as we have to make sure about their safety and not instill a sense of fear in them.

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How to deal with your children while protecting them?

Before I began writing this post, I had a struggle with my daughter, no she allows me to write but she is getting bored and she wants to go out and play with her friends and she was all furious saying that I have been listening to you but I am too bored now and I am going out, she is just 6.5 years old. Finally, we agreed on watching her favorite movie, which happens to be every girl’s favorite movie, “Frozen” for the 20th time 🙂

So this is what a perfect day is in every mother’s life around the globe is I guess. I have been wondering how moms are managing their kids because every kid is different and their level of patience and demands vary too. Hence I came up with an interesting article and I have curated a list of meaningful tips that I found quite useful.

Priyanka Nair

  • Kids follow us, and if you as parents are acting differently and showing signs of fear it affects them.
  • Try your best to maintain your normal routine as you had before the lockdown, minus the going out part.
  • Keep your voice calm while are discussing or talking about this issue with your partner or with someone over the phone.
  • Awareness is important, so make sure you answer every question asked by them.
  • Assure them that experts are working for our safety and things will be back to its normal state very soon.
  • Do not scare them. Explain the importance of washing hands regularly and how by staying at home we are saving lives.
  • Avoid watching the news and discussing it in front of toddlers.
  • Teenagers are much aware of the scenario and making them understand about the present situation is not tough. However, acknowledging their feeling very important here.
  • Teenagers are bound to feel lonely and frustrated as they are habitual of going out. Assure them and let them know it is normal to feel this way and we all are together in this.
  • Educate them to trust reliable and verified sources of news only. refrain them from forwarding unsolicited memes and information from any xyz sources.
  • Try to involve you, children, in your conversation, play games together, eat together, watch old movies, talk to them, include them in household activities.
  • Few teenagers/adults who have anxiety issues might become more irritated during this time. Be there for them, seek online counseling and help them cope up with the present situation with calm and ease.

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Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Children amid Social Distancing

  1. This is an important point that I haven’t considered.

    Kids can be so ready to run up to others on the street.

    Important point.

    Well written post, thanks for sharing! (:


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