Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is Here

So are you the one having a lot of thoughts in your mind and you have been piling up your diary, journal, or notepad with like thousands of words?

Do you want to take that step, you have been hesitant for a while? Now is the time, as Blogchatter ebook carnival is here 🙂  

Every year Blogchatter organizes A to Z writing challenge, it’s a month-long challenge wherein you write posts for each day (excluding Sunday) 26 posts in a month, Yeah with 26 alphabets in the corresponding sequence.

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At the end of the challenge you are ready with 26 blog post, which can be converted into an eBook.. even if you have not participated in the Blogchatter challenge and have been writing a consistent blog post, pick up your 26 best posts and convert them into an ebook. It could be a collection of short stories, poetries, non-fiction, fitness, yoga or even parenting ebook.

I have published my first ebook “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”last year with Blogchatter A2Z challenge and the response was overwhelming. It not only boosted my confidence but also helped me explore the self-publishing way.

I had successfully completed the writing challenge last year and this year I am joining the Blogchatter Ebook carnival as a mentor and will be sharing the space with other mind-blowing bloggers and authors, to help budding authors.

They say the best day is today and the best time is now, and time is all we have during this lockdown period. So wear your fancy pajamas, grab a corner, make yourself a cuppa coffee/tea and type..type..type..that first manuscript of your ebook.

For the ones who have published an ebook before, this is the golden opportunity to enhance your writing and presentation skills.

Who can publish the ebook?

It is open to all. If you are a content writer, a blogger, or simply a pen freak who has a flair to write and wants to get published and reach a wider audience, this is the best way to try it out.

How to publish an ebook?

At the Blogchatter ebook carnival, there is a team of mentors, so we guide you through the process. Obviously, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed.

When you sign up for the Blogchatter ebook carnival you will also have to register as a reviewer for the Blogchatter Book Review Program. This is to ensure that all the books under the ebook carnival get a sufficient number of reviews.

Read about the full information here.

Any cost involved here?

Listing the book with Blogchatter is free. If you are not using additional services of any professional or firm (for editing, cover design, conversion, etc.) then even creation of ebook is free.

Please make a note:

Last day to register for Ebook Carnival: 8th May 2020
Last day to submit ebooks for the Carnival: 15th May 2020

Register here

blogchatter ebook carnival

Here are the rules and points needed to be taken care of while you decide to publish your own ebook.

  1. Your ebook should contain a minimum of 5k words.
  2. It should contain copyright and acknowledgment
  3. Author bio and image
  4. Proper structure and formating
  5. Chapter names and page numbers
  6. Book cover
  7. Corresponding images
  8. Due credit, if you are using another’s image or any referring to any incident.
  9. Keep it simple
  10. Pour your heart 🙂

Happy publishing!

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

11 thoughts on “Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is Here

    • Hi Pravara, it’s your work and it’s your copyright. You have to mention a copyright statement in the book. Refer to the link of my ebook given in this post and in the beginning of the ebook you will find my copyright statement.


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