Ms.Sen Through My Eyes!

I have been in awe with this beauty ever since she was crowned as Ms.Universe in 1994. I was in my fourth standard and as a regular General Knowledge Class, our teacher announced to us of this current news and since then I am just glued to this epitome of beauty, intelligence, grace, super persona and whatnot, she is none other than Ms. Sushmita Sen.

Winner of Femina Miss India contest in 1994 and crowned as Miss Universe 1994 at the age of 18. She is the first Indian woman to win the competition. She was honoured at the Mother Teresa Awards 2013 for her social works. At the Indian Leadership Conclave 2016, she was awarded with the “Eternal Beauty & Actress of the Decade'” award for her contribution in the field of Arts.

Sushmita Sen for me is the live example of how to live life on your own terms and prove it right. From getting crowned in her teenage and dominate the world with her beauty to adopting two girls, being single mom at the age of 25 and slaying it like anything , she has proved one thing that you got to stay strong and follow what you feel is right and for that you do not need anybody’s validation in this whole planet.

I am so glued to her Instagram page, damn she is super solid. You will fall in love with her again and again.

She has not only won millions of hearts with her unconventional beauty and her graceful persona but her speeches and good deeds too. The way she speaks leave the viewers in amazement. Her dialect, command over language, her body language itself is so much to learn from.

Source: Youtube

Besides being an Actress, she has been supporting social causes related to women empowerment and child welfare. She has been recently awarded as the Woman of Substance Award in April 2018. She has been supporting the cause “Save & Empower the Girl Child” and gave a heart-wrenching speech on the same in 2012, which is highly commendable.

I hardly follow any celebrity on the social media, but I madly follow this lady on Instagram, just have a sneak peek to find it for yourself that how amazingly she is working on herself, she is unstoppable. Raising her girls just like the way she is.

She is beyond and above all the societal norms which hinders a woman’s path by throwing questions time to time like single at this age? A single mom of two? That to girls? etc etc but Ms. Sen has turned all her weaknesses into supreme strength and is a living example of my life my way.

Unapologetically sexy, passionate, fierce, strong, powerful and wonderful, Ms. Sen at the age of 44!!

Source: Youtube

And last but not the least, she is back.. Yes, you will soon be able to see her on-screen with her upcoming series Arya,  set to premiere on Disney+Hotstar on June 19. Here is an enthralling sneak peek to the series of the lioness.

Stay strong, Take the good things out of good people, get inspired, inspire somebody, lead the example, set the example, celebrate life, live wirefree!!

Much Love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

6 thoughts on “Ms.Sen Through My Eyes!

  1. Sushmita Sen has truly been such an amazing lady who taught many women but also men how to dream. One of the first to embrace her sexuality, living to her promises of adopting two girls and in awe of how she would beautifully manage her career. She was the first among her peers who spoke openly about her boyfriend or for that matter about, ‘sleeping together’ which is a facet of womanhood while the rest were hiding behind the veil of hypocrisy.

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  2. I now know this is Sushmita Sen 😂 I don’t know this women, but I do know her name, heard of her, never read this much about her or watched her in movies. Good to know about such people✨👍 Have a wonderful week ahead ✨

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