Sanity Daily Weekly Digest #3

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great and this pandemic is not taking a toll over your sanity, even if it is, remember we are together in this.

As many of you know that I am mostly active on my second blog Sanity Daily, and I regularly share unique content related to mental health and stress management on my blog.

I have very recently taken a plunge in my mental health advocacy career and have started taking workshops and one-to-one sessions, so if anyone of you needs a stress management webinar, mental health support, or simply a blog consultation with me, you can book your slot here.

And for others, who enjoy a good content want to understand mental health issues and sensitive them, here are my three latest blogs on Sanity Daily 🙂

1.) Are You Dating Someone With Relationship OCD?

Usually, people confuse the need for neatness and cleanliness with OCD but it is way beyond that. Living with OCD is a distressing mental disorder and there is no quirk attached to it. 

Relationship OCD on the other hand can be termed as a subset of OCD wherein an individual feels too insecure in his/her relationship. They need constant reassurance about the permanence of their relationship yet they fail to trust their partners.

We often doubt our partner and get into arguments over being the possessive one in the relationship but what happens when all this and a lot more becomes an obsession?

Read the full article here

2.) “I AM GOOD” Movie Review: Breaking Stereotypes and Discovering Self-worth

I am good, a short movie about a girl suffering from bipolar disorder directed by Raja Ram Mukerji has won several awards at international film festivals across the globe.

To bring about a positive change in our society we need more and more films like this. I am good is a 30-minute movie that covers almost all the aspects of a critical mental disorder like bipolar.

Read the full article here

3.) Child Sexual Abuse and Mental Health Preservation

Listen to your child when they try to say something to you in their shaky voices, be present when they need you, be active while you are listening to them, believe in them, read between the lines, use all your senses when you sense something wrong.

Do not leave your child unattended especially when you see some differences in their behavior. Some wounds never heal, some trauma are so deeply inflicted that they haunt people forever their life.

Read the full article here

Thank you!

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sanity Daily Weekly Digest #3

  1. Congrats for your debut as a practiced advocate and the three examples on bipolar and paying attention to a child’s issues are very important for all of us. It matters and sadly we take for granted, I will check the shortie.


  2. Congrats Priyanka to start as a health advocate professional. You have given important headways on how to be aware on the various issues and particularly for a child that many parents ignore.

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