What is your “Brahmāstra”?

2020 gave me 50 reasons that could have destroyed me “organically” and this reminds me of one of my old posts that I made last year saying ” 2020 smells like me” 🙄 Le 2020

Like many of you, 2020 was officially THE worst year of my life💥

But I am not complaining, I have somewhat understood this game called life, we all got a real reality check and now I exactly know what I should do and how I should do it💫

Personal and professional! Top, bottom, right, and left har jagah se vaar hua hai boss 💣
Personally, I no more belong to any social circle, I am IsoLOCKED (isolated) forever, and I have started loving this peaceful and limited access environment all the more💙

I have faced multiple issues with my blog, unwarranted and unexpected, leaving me to ponder, ab ye kya hai yar😱 But in the process, I have made some beautiful connections and my work is finally going on the right track, my blogs and other channels are doing well..with lots of bumpers and speed breakers though🤪

I have seen friends becoming strangers, I have seen humanity dying every single day but yes, there were days, there were people, there were moments that made me smile and I am grateful for them 🙏🌺 With those handfuls of moments and people to cherish, I choose to continue my journey, alone and much stronger.

50 problems and only one solution; accessing your “Brahmāstra”, for me it is “being ME”🦋

Being what you are, being what you feel about yourself, owing yourself and doing what you are good at helps.That willingness to stand up every time you fall and fight the hustle makes all the difference in your life and ignoring the background noise in the form of people and society works too 🤷‍♀️

Every time I felt week, every time I cried, every time I felt lonely, I soaked in it, took my time and the insanely optimist I never gave up, sometimes this positivity appears to be a little toxic but it keeps me going, it maintains my sanity 💚

What helped you to stay sane in 2020?

Much love and gratitude


5 thoughts on “What is your “Brahmāstra”?

  1. You said it Brahmastra to slay off the shittiest 2020. I love the term Iso-locked and quite surprisingly am in the same phase, cutting off and no interest in having a social circle. I am on my own and there are so many lessons for us. You are the power Priyanka.

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