What’s Your Story?

We all have stories to tell, our learnings to share because we have covered miles and miles of journeys alone in the search of our life purpose, our meaning of existence..we might wake up and just be or we can be freaking awesome by being what we want to be..and the day we engrave our passion entwining with courage in our life, we become unstoppable and our self-belief helps us to move forward when we are hell-bent on giving up.

Even when our insanely optimistic self will doubt and refuse to take that leap of faith yet we will do it..we will take that plunge, we will jump off the cliff, we will be ready climb the tallest mountains and move every rock, every pebble in our way with our bare hands..because our focus and vision get clearer by each passing day and there comes a time when everything else appears to be non-existent and inexpedient.

Let no obstacle hold you back for too long because what lies inside you is always greater than what lies ahead of you.

Rise up!

Much love and gratitude


Sanity Daily

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