My Top 20 Picks To Read In The Year 2021

Reading is cathartic, reading takes us to a different world, reading helps us to live thousands of lives, reading is pure love. Hifi to the ones who love to smell the pages of a new book? Well, who doesn’t? 🙂

If you are an ardent book lover then you must read more books this year, your list of books to read in the year 2021 should be based on what you want to learn ahead and unlearn right away.

Books do have a life-changing impact but I never challenge myself to read books, I don’t want to kill the joy of reading when I attach a challenge to it. That’s because I am a slow reader and I want to relish each word and savor the book page by page within my pace.

Call me old school, but I am very picky when it comes to reading a book, I will never read a book until I am fully convinced with the topic, author, and plot of the book. I am more of a non-fiction, self-help, and poetry reader and fiction hardly interests me.

Last year, I developed an intense love for Hindi reading, you must blame Manav Kaul for his free-flowing and new kind and yet the refreshing writing style, which is popularly known as Nayi Wali Hindi. So far I have read his 3 books and I am in awe with his writing style. And via him, I started reading Hindi a lot, so you can guess that the list of books to read in the year 2021 will consist of a some Hindi books too.

20 Books To Read in the Year 2021

Here are my top picks I have assigned to read this year, some I have already bought and some are in my Amazon cart. So far I have been able to read 3 books and the list might extend if I am able to finish all of these books to read in the year 2021 but I like to keep it simple for me knowing my capacity, so here is my list of books:

You can find all the book recommendation at my Amazon Store here.

1.) Atirikt Nahi – Vinod Kumar Shukla

2.) Antima -Manva Kaul

3.) The Archer – Paulo Coehlo

4.) Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka

5.) Saaye mein Dhoop – Dushyant Kumar

6.) Kiss of the Wildflower – Deepika Sharma

7.) The Fountain Head -Ayn Rand

8.) Atomic Habits – James Clear

9.) The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein

10.) Banaras Talkies – Satya Vyas

11.) Dark Horse – Nilotpal Mrinal

12.) Draupadi ki Mahabharat – Chitra Banerjee

13.) Ibnebatuti – Divya Prakash Dubey

14.) Unaccustomed Earth- Jhumpa Lahiri

15.) When Things Fall Apart – Pema Chodron

16.) Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins

17.) Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

18.) Everything is figureoutbale – Marie Forloe

19.) 30 years of YES – Shonda Rhimes

20.) You, Me and the Universe – Manas Mukul

The list might get bigger as I finish reading the books, I would like to know your recommendations and what are you reading now?

Much love and gratitude


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