Letters Of Compassion – May Edition

Dear reader,

It has been more than a year, I started this initiative to write and send hand-letters letters to strangers. And everyone time I wrote a letter and couriered it, I felt a higher sense of contentment. I felt what the magic of words is capable of doing, and how just a few words can brighten up someone’s day.

So, I am writing to you all today, to let you know that we all know things are pretty rough out there, we are living in fear, we are losing known faces every day, people are grieving and many of us are feeling helpless sitting at home and not being able to do anything about the present situation. But we are together in this, we might not be sailing in the same boat, but we all are facing the same storm.

Last year, when COVID-19 hit us for the first time, we feared the unknown, this year the fear has tripled its intensity because we know what this virus is capable of. We cannot change anything about it, and only staying at home and taking precautionary measures is in our hands, which I am sure you all are adhering with.

I won’t ask you to look at the brighter side, I will not ask you to stay positive and stay happy if you are feeling submerged in the present scenario. But I want you to remind one thing, we all will go to our ‘normal’ one day, we will go back to the life with what all we will be left with. All this will be over one day, we might not return to the same place and same people like before, or we might not find them, where we left them, we might take a lot of time to gather the missing pieces and hold ourselves back. We might face a lot of negativity, ignorance, and insensitivity in this process, but we will get through this. So, please hold on. Please stay.

And make sure when you get through this, you work on yourself. You hold your loved even more tighter, be available for your people, support your dear ones. Sensitize society, aware them, and spread kindness. The world brutally lacks kindness and empathy. Be the one who can not only wipe their own tears but help others to gather themselves and stay in life. That is all we can do for now and that is all that is needed for now and for ever.

Leave rest to the god and time. Pray, stay, and be kind.



Sanity Daily

11 thoughts on “Letters Of Compassion – May Edition

  1. Absolutely empowering, Priyanka. I love every word written and beautifully penned, “I will not ask you to stay positive and stay happy if you are feeling submerged in the present scenario. But I want you to remind one thing, we all will go to our ‘normal’ one day, ” So many things change I agree and we need to evaluate and reassess our relationships, people we speak to and current situation. It makes me think about the way we go about it.

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  2. This post is very thoughtful ma’am. Thank you posting this. There is truly no better mode of communication with loved ones than letters.


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