Other Days I Manage

Sometimes when I feel too lonely

It starts to go deep

I fail to fall asleep

I fear

I weep

On other days I manage…

Sometimes it goes to the darkest of places

I sit

I go numb

I blank stare

so silent

so quit

that I can feel my breathing in the air

on other days I manage…

I take out my phone

have thousands of contact

I call a few

most of them don’t respond

busy, I knew

some talk

but they dismiss

deny how I feel

generalise my pain

saying, you are not the only one going down the drain

but how do I explain

when I am in my thought train

all I see is my mind trapped in the darkest lane

I come out every time

I walk off it

but I bring a piece of that darkness with me

in my hands

traces of it

on my body

On other days I manage…


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