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BlogChatter A2Z Challenge day 16 -Poisoned Thoughts

The mind is everything, what you think you become

– Gautam Buddha

What is Poison? A substance which is harmful, which could destroy one completely, something which could even kill you.

If you are a victim of food poisoning, you could still get saved if you are medicated on time, but what about the mental poisoning? The poison which you are slowly letting inside your mind and body? Aren’t we slowly becoming a victim of Thought Poisoning?

On the 16th Day of #Blogchatter A2Z Challenge,  I bring to you another way of getting rid of the victimhood of unwanted or unwarranted emotions and situations. #26days26ways

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. What life brings to us is a bunch of unpredictable stories and we are a significant be a part of it and sometimes even a creator of it.Virtual SIyahi

We create our own reality, any situation which is good or bad is the consequence of the choice we make in our lives, the decisions we take and things we forego in order to accomplish something in life. 

Negative thoughts are like fully loaded guns, which when triggers spread end numbers of negative elements around us and become the first culprit of self- destruction while believing them becomes second.

Feelings of hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, lust, doubt, fear, revenge, boastfulness, insensitivity, resentment, grudges, arrogance, selfishness are just very few to list here, it’s up to the bearer of the gun to stop or to continue being the victim of the uncalled emotions.

Every thought we possess, be it negative or positive has some potion of energy in it, a source of creation, a source of any good or bad vibe we could spread around us.  Each thought we go through has the power to build us or to destroy us fully.

Thoughts are the creation of our mind based on the situations we are and how we intend to deal with the situation is what matters, is what counts. We might live a splendid life, do thousands of good deeds but just one thought which gets maligned or poisoned and could ruin our thousands of good deeds.

In today’s world where everyone is living a mechanical life trying to step up the ladder and where emotions are cornered to survive and stay in the game, people live in ignorance and fail to handle people and things around them with some sensitivity.

So much stressful lifestyle, so much competition to survive, to thrive what one does to rise above others, to prove themselves is an overtly evident of a poisoned mind resulting in unhealthy relationships and lifestyle.

Who is responsible for our present situation?

Our mind, our thought process, it is in our hands how we choose to direct them when we should stop, reflect and then react. If we are surrounded by toxicity or unhealthy relationship, you know it’s time you cut off from them, any situation, place or person which doesn’t spark joy in your life or put you down should be removed from your life, only then you could free yourself from any thought poisoning.

It is like a poison which once enters inside the body starts spreading and takes a toll over your heart and beautiful emotions you have inside you and only leads to self-destruction.

Like every decision, the situation begins with a thought, no one else but only we are responsible for our predicaments. Our blessings come from our own efforts and our curses come from our own malignity.

How to Overcome it?

To completely eradicate the poisons from our mind we should:

  • Have some sensitivity toward others
  • A sense of forgiveness to mankind
  • We must acknowledge the efforts of others
  • We must love more, we must live more and conquer all our inner demons of fear, anguish, stress, jealousy overthinking and self-doubt.

This is the only way to live a healthy and mindful life.

P.S: Also published in my Weekly Column today at Different Truths


Much Love and gratitude



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57 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Challenge day 16 -Poisoned Thoughts

  1. Some days just knock you out. Yesterday was one. But, I am trying to balance the mind and work on hope and positive thought creation again. However, sometimes the thought does creep up, is it all worth the effort? Cant we be like everyone else and just be angry and hate?!

  2. Negative thoughts are like chain reactions. Once they start coming it takes great strength to overcome. I totally agree with the points you have mentioned here. ‘Our thoughts represent us.

      1. It’s so easy to be drawn to negative emotions or rather to anything that is negative and so essential to hold yourself back when you know you are being drawn towards them. It’s a great read.

  3. Unique choice of words – Poisoned Thoughts. It is so hard to determine when such thoughts make an entry in our minds and then keep creating a negative impact slowly until we have the thoughts messed up. The only way to combat thus is mindful thinking and developing a sense of compassion and empathy towards the surroundings.

  4. Lovely post to cut down negativity from our lives. It is true the way we think we become like that. So a happier mind is a happy soul while a negative mind is a negative soul.

  5. Loved it! What a thought-provoking post! Very true, agree with you on various points. Need to change our thought process which often tends to negativity more. Now Its high time to love yourself but respect others as well.

  6. Such a thoughtful post and I completely agree with you, it is all about how we think and how we react? we can not control all life situations but our thought process is the only thing that can make a huge difference and we can leave peacefully even with adverse life situations. keep sharing great posts dear!

  7. Anger, jealousy, back biting, and other negative emotions are part of our mind. We cannot just wish them away. If we suppress them, then they will come out in full force when a person is vulnerable. I thing one has to get consciously into habit of channelising these emotions. It will take time though. There are people who are less negative compared to others who are more jealous at others success. It may comparatively be easier to be less negative people to get out of negative thoughts compared to more negative people.

  8. It’s easier said than done but not impossible. One needs to remember that they have to take a charge of your life. Thought provoking.

    1. I agree Deepa, it looks easy but trust me I have seen the magic of these practises although it was very difficlut for me in the beginning, but the moment I decided to take charge of my life, it started working for me…

  9. Views and thoughts are dependent on each other,one have deep impact on the other, if we can change the both then there can be nothing better than it, specially the thoughts must be in the right directions coz it controls our actions.
    Very nicely written and discussed.

  10. Can’t agree more Priyanka. Our thoughts create us… Being positive and looking at the positive is really the essence to healthy and happy living… Beautiful post.

  11. Thanks for spreading positivity around. It is much needed. Hope people learn from your superb posts. I too try doing the same but the negativity is so much that sometimes I knuckle under the pressure. Feeling very low since the past two days

  12. Wonderful post. If we become a little less judgemental of others as well as ourselves, little more forgiving; Much of the poison is killed in bud only.

  13. Aah! The poison of negative thoughts. How they play out like a non-stop movie that brings only pain, worry, fear and resentment!! If only we can banish them away soon enough!!

  14. I admire the way you look at life, Priyanka. In every post of yours, the pointers to overcome are the highlights. Loved this one too.

  15. Once again a superbly written and well-explained post. Negative thoughts are poisonous and slowly they destroy the inner peace and outer relationships.

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