Priyanka Nair

About Priyanka Nair

About Priyanka Nair

“I wanted to express and I started writing”, Priyanka 

A post-grad in Administration, Computer geek, Tech-savvy, love to explore creative treasure. A Writer by passion! A speaker with compassion!

I started with a blurred vision and as I proceed the vision gets clearer. My passion became my purpose and I am not going to stop till the day I no longer have to introduce myself to the people I meet, I want to be known for my work.

In this journey of two years of blogging, this is all I have achieved, and even these little progress means a lot to me.

  1. I was interviewed on a Podcast by Kenny Aronson, founder of The Davinci Mindest   Podcast here 
  2. Featured at Women With Gifts International, a non-profit organization based in Colorado –Read here
  3. Featured at SHEROES INDIA, largest and first Women only community in India Cancer Survivor becoming a celebrated blogger
  4. An author at Women’s Web/ Momspresso
  5. Weekly Columnist at Different truths 
  6. Youtuber Spreading Mental health Awareness  –Youtube Channel
  7. Catch up with my Podcast 

Latest Achievements:

  1. eBook on Mental Health — “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”  
  2. A Co-Author in a Book published by Women with gifts International, Colorado. Available on Amazon, Women are Roses” 
  3. Awarded as Top 100 Debut Indian Author by Author Pages Magazine
  4. Completed Certification course on Mental Health and Illness by Alison Education
  5. Certified Mental Health Awareness Ambassador, Udemy.

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My message to all of you– Be you, because there are none like you! Be you in all ways and always!!

Happy Reading!!

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