Virtual Siyahi

All I have is TODAY

No, I am not saving my favourite dress for someday I have never seen

No, I am not eating less today for someplace I have never been

All I have is NOW

All I know is TODAY

All I can see is PRESENT

The past is gone and my future is unknown

I am not killing any dreams or desires for someday I have never seen

I am not waiting for some miracle

As it seldom happens

We have to work hard daily

Hustle and struggle daily

As future is only our imagination

All we have is Today.


Much love and gratitude



7 thoughts on “All I have is TODAY

  1. It’s good not to rely on unseen powers or strength. One’s own capability and potential never betrays but enables to be successful,hence it’s an inspiring post.Thanks for sharing. 🌹🙏

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