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Being a helping hand #sharetheload #3


This is the third part of the four parts blog posts series for Ariel’s  #Sharetheload campaign in association with Blogadda.

In my last post, I talked about how Sharing the load of work gives a sense of caring and guess this went a step ahead when I disclosed another theme of doing the dishes to my husband 🙂 Voila he was equally interested.

Soon after I finished dinner I was heading towards the kitchen to clean up the dishes, as a part of my daily routine before I call it a day, my kitchen should smell fresh when I enter it in the morning and hence I do not wait for my maid and do the after dinner time cleaning by myself.

This time my husband said let us do it for you mom, and my little one jumped into ecstasy with the thought of playing with water and soap bubbles.

They both were extremely excited to #sharetheload and I was standing right there with my list of instructions and before I could start, they sensed it and asked me to leave and assured me that they will take care of everything.

My husband and my little peanut, Ignore the mess 🙂

Well, I was not surprised to learn that he is good at doing the dishes because he does it more often for me especially whenever I fall sick and this time he has been being a real helping hand when he realized the importance of sharing the load.

He feels there is no harm in playing equal in terms of doing household chores and is a very much disciplined person when it comes to household matters.

I am sure my mother-in-law will be very happy to see him helping in household work.

It is true that more men today Share The Load than ever before. But, despite progress, as a society, we’re still far from complete household equality, hence the movement’s return,  I request you to say it loud once…

After the task, I made him say, I  pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda


#ShareTheLoad #Blogadda #ToughIsEasy

Much love and gratitude




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