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BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 15- Overcoming our fears

What is Fear?
What are you scared of?
What stops you?
What holds you back?

Ever tried asking these questions to yourself? If not then DO it now!!

On day 15 of Blogchatter A2Z Challenge, I will make an attempt to make you aware of your own self, will request you to have a deep check inside you and ask these questions to yourself? Write it down on a piece of paper, make even with it and then simply flush it off. Let all your fears know your will-power is stronger than anything else in this world.


Overcoming Fear #26days26ways

We all have some fear instilled deep within us, it could be a stage fear, fear of getting defeated, fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, fear of losing etc.etc. and to avoid the fear we avoid getting into those situations, we hesitate to ask questions, we hesitate to believe in our own ideas.

Over the period, I have learned that the best way to overcome your fear is to FACE it, to just have an encounter with it and finish it off for once. Unless you are willing to face your fears, you probably won’t be able to transcend them.

Identify your fears first, what is causing a barrier in your growth, or maybe something which becomes a reason every time for not doing something you actually want to do, become an observer of your inner space, feel that fear and observe the whole thought process and as you get a hold of your thoughts you will realize that you and only you have the power to shoo away all the fears of your life.

Let me share an inspiring video of Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani Artist, activist, motivational speaker, and television host. She uses a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in a car accident at the age of 21 which makes her Pakistan’s first wheelchair-bound model.

She fought a tough battle in her life but came out of it with such grace and gratitude, it is actually worth a watch, I could not take my eyes off even for a moment. I am sure many of you must have come across this video but I watch it again and again.

The fear in which we live is all created by us and is initiated by the outside world and we carry those beliefs with us throughout our life, without even giving a single thought of
giving a try to overcome it and see the positive effects.

A single step, a slight change in thinking can change our entire life and we can turn our weakness into strengths and we can see our scars turning into the mark of beautiful experiences life has given us. 

Fight your fears, Overcome your fears. Think.Observe.Act.React.Just come over it!!

“Journey of thousand miles could be completed only when that single step is taken.”

Much love and gratitude



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51 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 15- Overcoming our fears

  1. Much needed thought tonight and very beautifully presented in as few words as were appropriate for the message to travel across. The lady in the video is indeed an epitome of strength and courage and leaves a lasting impression with her words just like you do.

    It’s a long way
    and an equally long struggle
    Alone or together is not the question
    but who will face the muzzle
    The bullet is out there
    in the shadows of our fear
    Afraid I am not of the wound
    But your glorious tear.

    1. Wow ! Kya baat hai, ekdum instant.
      I am trying to keep my posts shorter, as I know our fellow bloggers are having a real hard time mangaing everything , this is the best I can do to give some rest to their tired eyes and pass some message being a little wise 🙂

      1. 😛 … you never leave a chance to score a brownie point! But very true and it pays to be concise lest the topic demands more coverage.

  2. I agree, Its all about coming out of your comfort zone and overcoming your fears. Sometimes our fears only hold us back from doing things which we want to try.

  3. Fear is just limit you in the boundaries so it is important to come out of it. Again a wonderful and inspiring post and that video as well. I have already seen this video earlier. Salute to all who come out like a warrior.

  4. Very interesting topic Priyanka. FEAR…The lady in the video is a perfect example. I used to teach personality dev in school and fear was one of the issues i tackled.I used to make them write down their fears and then I would clear all their fears and explained it as False Evidence Appearing Real. That is what fear is and there is nothing to fear in this world except our own conscience.

  5. Nice post! Muniba mazari is real inspiration to all. I got to know about her 3 yrs back. Her video pulled fear out of me and I could easily go to my surgery!

  6. Fear is one primordial emotion. When this emotion is aroused, it takes a person down into abyss. Out of fear a person may do anything. It is true, only way we can overcome fear is by facing it. By repeated auto suggestion that “I shall overcome”. One has to take deliberate and certain step to face fear and go beyond it. This process must be done repeatedly to convince mind that come what may, I shall overcome.

  7. I discovered the speech by Muniba on the net and shared it on Twitter long back. Once in a while, I get back to watching her video to remind what inspiration looks like. Facing your biggest fear is the only way to overcome it. Another great post.

  8. Inspiring post Priyanka… I have seen the speech by Muniba on You tube…. her speech is one of the best I have ever heard in my life so far..

  9. Such a good post. It is indeed very important to overcome our fears, challenges to go a long way in life.

  10. I want to share my experience. I had a car driving phobia. Whenever I’m holding steering my legs would shake literally. In fear, I used to drive drastically. But I decided to conquer that fear. Meditated every day and told my self 100 times “I can do it, nothing is impossible”. Now I can drive perfectly. Planning to give driving test next week. Hence nothing is impossible. Fear is just a state of mind.

  11. Yes, we have to face fears but how? This is the big question because some people really face the fears and win that situation while others choose the comfort zone.

    Your post is very nice and Muniba mazari’ s story are really really great.

  12. I particularly found this post interesting because my word of the year is courage. So whenever I am in a situation and am intimidated by a particular choice, I flinch for a minute and then make sure I do that .

  13. Face the fear eye-to-eye. Welcome, shake hands with it and challenge it! Soon, you are not only going to overcome it but conquer it and be more prepared for the adversities in life. Wonderful post Priyanka and definitely an inspirational video on how grateful one should be towards the little things in life.

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