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BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 17- Quest for Inner Peace

Sometimes you have to show the light

Sometimes you have to be the light

I stand stranded in the middle of nowhere


Sometimes seeking questions

Sometimes finding answers

I leave the trail for my memoir


What you seek outside is inside you

From the glories and the miseries of the past

To the tensions and worries leaving you aghast

Tell them not to disturb you, not to interrupt you…


Live in present, breath in and breath out and as you do so you become aware of your existence…

The moment you touch that inner chord of survival you will be in harmony with your mind, body, and soul.

That would be the time you will experience peace within you and your quest for peace will end for once and for all.


Today on a poetic note, I leave my readers to relax a bit as my Mental Health Awareness Blogs are quite a heavy dose for daily read ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love and gratitude



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58 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 17- Quest for Inner Peace

  1. Your daily blogposts are NOT heavy read at al. Infac I love them as you don’t preach , and reading hem is like talking to a friend. This is a beautiful poem, Priyanka.

  2. Beautifully penned poem. Last three lines have more impact on me. Your series is one of those few whom I look forward to read daily morning as your simple tips and thought provoking messages are really good.

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