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BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 21 – Unsolved Question Paper

“Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set”  an excerpt from the famous author Sudha Murthy’s book, Wise and Otherwise.

We all prepare for the exams very seriously throughout our academic span, passing out each and every exam is the only motto we have. We try to give our hundred percent in order to get the desired results, but what about the few sets of people who do not even try to attempt the question paper, what are they doing in their life today? 

Throughout our academic life we have met these five kinds of people:

  • The toppers, the ‘A-listers
  • Distinction holders
  • Average scorers
  • Borderliners 
  • and the ones who fail terribly and all the complications in their life begins, they face criticism, they get demotivated, disheartened and just lose all the hopes and shut themselves.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, as the same situation applies to our daily life, amongst us we have such set of people, some are rock solid, very strong, tough and determined souls, who just make it even with life in every situation.

Whereas for some it seems to be a manageable affair, some people find it very difficult to cope up with the tough times but eventually they also learn and grow, but the problems persist for those who do not even attempt to clear the clutter from their lives, and face all the complications with a heavy heart.

I don’t say they don’t want to attempt but throughout their life, they wait for a perfect time, perfect day and it never comes, trust me no one gives you the power you have to take it for yourself.

I would not say that the attempt will surely lead them to success, but slowly and gradually success comes to those who TRY, what counts the most is the attempts you made to make it even with your present situation focusing on a better tomorrow for yourself.

Solve the unsolved question paper.

Take charge of your life, come out of the sad story and be the hero of your story, it is never ever too late to take that first step towards your own betterment.


I will stop here as I do not want to sound very preachy but these topics just get over me 🙂


Much love and much gratitude



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59 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 21 – Unsolved Question Paper

  1. True, Life is like an exam which we give daily sometimes we solve the question and get an answer and sometimes we end with a question again. This is real life unpredictable and unsolved.

  2. I’ve always belonged to the first category and I suck at handling failures. But I see a few of my friends who barely brushed through school and college. Some of them are entrepreneurs and they really know how to deal with the ups and downs of lives. Again I see a few of my fellow toppers and find that they have reached an amazing stability in their professions. So I completely agree with you when you say, it is your life and you choose what you want to do and how you want it written

    1. Lovely post, Priyanka. “Come out of the sad story and be the hero”, could not agree more.

  3. Well said, success comes from taking risks or chances, by taking charge of your life. Living in the past or wallowing in self pity will not lead anywhere. You have to go out and solve the unanswered questions, boldly and timely!!

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