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Blogchatter A2Z Challenge Day 23- What holds you back?

I believe each and every individual breathing in this universe wants to attain his own sanctum sanctorum at some or the other point of time. No matter how mountain high the difficulties seem to be, that urge to take a plunge in the ocean of dreams and pick up the best one for self keeps burning deep inside.

On the 23rd day of this writing challenge, I will discuss another way out of our problems and share my personal experience πŸ™‚ #26days26ways

Then what makes one different from another one?

How one outperforms others?

What holds one back?

What holds you back?

Is it the fear of the unknown? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If not, then please do it right away.


Instead of comparing our success with other’s success, instead of criticizing others, instead of blaming others for our present situation, we should time to time ask this simple question to ourselves, that why are we not doing anything for ourselves, what is holding us back and how do we overcome it?

Below mentioned few steps might be of some help:

  1. Identifying and acknowledging our fears.
  2. Writing it down, reading it aloud to oneself.
  3. Feel that fear, let it go down to your spine and get familiar to that fear.
  4. Ask yourself, how worse it can be if I decide to face this fear?
  5. Once you are friends with your fear, start working on it.
  6. Be present, be in the moment.
  7. Take one step at a time, do not rush.
  8. Do not stress or pressurize yourself.
  9. Keep a record of your actions, monitor them.
  10. Be open to learning new things.


I am still a work in progress, I believe we all are πŸ™‚ But if you ask me what fear I had or how did I overcome it? Here is the answer—

I loved writing, it was all good till I was writing in college or in my personal diary but then I learned about blogging, I started writing, I got addicted to my blog and it became a course of fear for me, but I wanted to do it because I wanted to write.

I started writing and facing all my fears of writing one by one, my major fear was my grammar and my vocabulary. I always feared of writing something wrong, I sometimes asked my husband to cross-check my writing for me. But after writing 50 articles, I gained confidence, after getting a few comments on my blog I gained more confidence.

Today I am writing my 264th article and all my fears are bygones. Through writing, I have learned new words, met new people, understood a different perspective. I am still learning, trying to improve my vocab and learning new ways to be creative, but now nothing holds me back for sure πŸ™‚

Much love and much gratitude



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27 thoughts on “Blogchatter A2Z Challenge Day 23- What holds you back?

  1. Something we all know yet fear to admit and acknowledge. On a personal front I am going through a series of change wherein I need to apply the mentioned approach and after reading your post it gets reinforced a little more. One step at a time, do not pressurize, face the fears, acknowledge the worst and then get down to the grind, I have these etched deep. You post is indeed a motivation and reminder at the same time that feeling bad will neither turn the table nor help in any way. You indeed are on the write path in terms of strengthening your niche.

  2. This is such a scientific and step by step approach to tackle our fears, questions we shy away from. Writing in a diary is an effective and therapeutic way to know the intimate self which keeps running away from us. Superb Priyanka and will try this method.

  3. A nice post. Very good suggestions. One has to keep trying overcoming ones fear. Anyway, even if there are a few mistakes, who cares. No one knows who is blogging. That is the advantage of cyber space.

  4. In my case, it was always the fear of uncertainty that held me back from becoming a writer. Strangely after Tuneer was born, the decision making turned out to be easier. Probably because I had already overcome the fear of uncertainty through an extremely complicated pregnancy.

  5. “Fear” most of the time plays vital role in the progress of life, good to go through your personal experience and after reading so many of your posts i can understand you have got win over it.

  6. Well done! A few days back I was scared of driving. My legs would literally start shaking once I’m behind the steering. But I decided to face it! Started meditation and imagining myself driving in highway amidst vehicles. Now after days of practice I can drive finally! Next week going for the driving test πŸ™‚

  7. As always so positive Priyanka…
    The fear to admit will always be one’s weakness.. only when we take out this fear we shall live in peace…

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