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BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 9 – Itchy Intentions

Why does Itching feel so good? Why do you have that compulsion or desire to”itch” when you see someone doing something and moving towards their dreams with passion, the itch increase, we scratch more but we forget that any relief from scratching will be short-lived.

We are on the 9th day of the BlogChatterA2Z Challenge and through my theme #26days26ways, I am trying to touch maximum problematic areas which creates hurdles in our day to day life and how we can overcome them.

When I was working in a Multinational Company where I just faced the regular office politics and work pressure which we all go through occasionally, but once I was home I felt a sigh of relief. 

In 2016, when I was diagnosed with a rare kind of Tuberculosis, I had to forcefully sit at home and undergo treatment which lasted for a year, that was the time I started writing, Initially everyone took it positively thinking I am just cutting on time by writing, but guys you all know writing is no less than an addiction, and I too got addicted, now it was words and me playing in my mind, the life lesson, the situation I was in, the urge of doing something, all became a combined supernatural forces which turned me into a blogger in a year.

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First Itch

I was a passive writer at the beginning and slowly I got a hold of blogging world (still learning) and started posting my work at various platforms of the social media, the positive feedback was very less and comments from my friends and relatives were in a larger chunk making fun about my writings and doubting my career choice.

Let me write.jpg

It was easy for me to just shut my Pandora box and go into hiding and never dare to write. I left my school and friends’ Whatsapp group. There was a time when I had to uninstall Whatsapp and Facebook because I was facing a lot of negative vibes from my cousins and friends just because few of my stories were published in the newspaper, and platforms like Women’s Web, Momspresso and I was posting it everywhere happily, which they could not digest. 

I stay in touch with my good friends and believe in nurturing relationships, but I never expected this kind of reactions from my own people. Just because a person is not doing something (could be due to any reason) and someone else is trying to stay in life by following her passion that is also not acceptable to the world.

Second Itch

I think I expect a lot from myself, the blogging rage was not enough so I took up Vlogging as I had shared in my very first article that I was very much made fun of my videos on youtube again by friends and relatives, but I had to express, writing was enough for me so started speaking.

One day one my neighbor asked me why do you create videos on youtube? Who is going to listen to you? When Mahatma Gandhi says something and you say something there is a huge difference? Now being a highly sensitive person, my heart ached, something broke inside me, but somehow I managed to smile and said nothing in response.

Another incident was a little bit humiliating when one of my friends showed me her four-year-old son’s videos playing with toys which they upload on youtube with more viewers and subscribers than mine and made fun of me saying that, Look a four-year-old has got more skills than you. Again I smiled.

People have these Itchy intentions all the time, and it is not me who has faced this, I am sure the scenario must be worse with others, But you know what it leads to?

  • Stress
  • Self-doubt
  • Comparison
  • Performance pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Completely giving up the idea.

Snap!! I came out of it because my desire or my “Itch” to make it for myself was stronger than theirs for breaking me. How?

  • Staying away from toxicity
  • Choosing to be more assertive
  • Believing in self and the whole idea of your dream
  • Stop for nothing
  • Expressing gratitude to everyone, even who tried to pull me down, because they helped me to hold on and move on.

I choose me

I can go and on, but I feel I should stop here.

In the end, I would say that work towards your dreams and follow your passion, find your passion, you will find many obstacles in your life but tell them you are not listening to them, let your work make some noise.

Much love and gratitude
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75 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Challenge Day 9 – Itchy Intentions

  1. I feel happy and privileged to be able to read and view your creativity for the people who distrusted and doubted you are full of extreme guilt and envy your skills. Someone comparing you with their kid’s talent are ignorant of the word TALENT itself. Their kid is unlucky to be guided by such poorly read and emotionally volatile people.
    As for Gandhi or for that matter any famous personality, they were unknown to all at some point of time just like you. Apna time ayega πŸ˜€ ! Loved your poems. Another skill enhanced. This post is indeed interesting and would serve as a confidence and self love booster for many. Keep rocking.

    1. Hey Vibhu!
      Thank you so much for reading and understanding my agony, though I am over it now but I really wonder at times,what if I would have believed them? I am glad I didn’t 😊

  2. I’m glad you followed your heart and continued what you are best at. You will encounter toxic people at every stage if life but quitting is not the right thing. Instead get up and show up.

  3. I get very itchy intentions then. While I’m doing something, another thought will be dancing in my head. Thank god it is been positive so far and pushed me to explore things.

  4. Priyanka, you have literally hit the cord as your story is easily relatable. Success is not easy without passion and you’ve proved it by achieving it. Your story is really inspiring.

  5. I am so inspired. A very good post for a positive morning. Thank youπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸ™

  6. People can be mean. In your case, it seems they were bent upon a collision course. It is disturbing initially, then one gets used to it. If one does not react, the fun goes out and others forget.

  7. I don’t know why I am feeling very sad after reading this post. Maybe I got the vibes when you were writing. I know you only for 9 days through your blogs but I must say You are a wonderful person. All types of people stay in this world, choose who is fitted in your list and rest are in the ignored list. Who cares what they are saying? And why they are spreading negativity. Ignoring them is the best answer. Ok let it be, I also started writing for just passing the time but as you said I am feeling an addiction. Lovely and Inspirational poems. Don’t think about the negatives. They will always exist. Enjoy your positivity!

    1. Thank you so much Deepika,it means a lot. It bothered me initially, because usualy we expect support from our friends to read to see what we are doing but they always made fun but I have learnd to move ahead πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

      1. Fortunately, some blessed souls are also here who never judge you and they are the true family and friends. I feel very blessed to be the friend

  8. I got married into a tradtional Marwari business family. My itch to work was something beyond them. Yet I convinced them and continued to work. After having my second kid, I had to leave my job, thats when I started writing. And ho..and behold mmy family still doesn’t understand why I toil myself so hard for something that doesn’t give me much monetarily. What do I tell them… It’s just and itch!

    1. Hi!! I am a marwari and I can understand the scenario 😊 people find it so difficult to understand that writing gives an immense satisfaction, when someone reads and interacts with you, its a different feeling,all the beautiful words of appreciation are no less than a salary. Paise bhi kama lenge kabhi par abhi to ye alfazo ka ishq enjoy karna hai πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Do what you love to do

  9. I keep getting these itching thoughts all along. But the problem with me is that I really like startups and once they reach the steady state I will loose the focus. I need to learn a lot from you to keep it going.

  10. Feeling jealous, causing harm and degrading others are some of the most common negative qualities. I have myself faced a lot of this in life. Till the time I was 39, I had a very chequered career and was extremely unstable. In fact, a lot of people looked down upon me and it took immense will power to struggle and make my way out of the miasma of self-pity I had allowed myself to drown in. Today, I have a 12-year-old daughter and I am happily married with a stable job. You know, what baffles me is some people are not even willing to give a person the bare minimum respect due to a human being just for being human. I am able to identify with what you are saying a 100%.

    1. Very well said, their exist such people. No one was born perfect, we all are work in progress and the day we become a finished good we stop growing, am I right here? Thank you sharing your thoughts and your situatuin, it helped me to relate with you and make this stigma more understandable. It only takes that immense power and never dying urge to come out of our miseries and make it work for ourselves. Thank you.

      1. Agreed, we are all a work in progress. Appreciate your courage and fortitude in facing your difficulties with so much determination.

  11. I am sorry that you had to encounter such toxic people. Glad you did not let their negativity affect you. Keep going, and in doing so you’ll leave them all far behind.

  12. Priyanka you are immensely talented. Your talent should never leave you with an inch of doubt! I have faced a few caustic comments through my blogging career, but I have also received a lot of love. I’m sure you have as well. It’s really up to us to believe in our talent, and concentrate on the positive over the negative πŸ™‚

  13. To let our work make some noise! Amen to that. I love your drive Priyanka and your words. I am sure now you have found a quite a few writers and bloggers who think like you and support you. And as you rightly pointed out, we need to be thankful to the people who don’t believe in us, who put us down because they make us work harder and move towards our dreams faster.

    I am thankful for the support of the people around me. Both my mom and mil read me. My husband writes too. And my close friends are the supportive kind. Only very few had this look like poetry? Why write poetry? But, we need to follow our hearts

    1. Hi Namratha,I agree , I have made many new friends and discovered amazing talented people around me through my blogging journey.Even now through this challenge I have followed so many bloggers and I feel to get connected.
      Poetry is best expression of art, not everyone can express the exact emotions, you are doing what you love to do and continue with it. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  14. Wonderful post. It is very important to stay away from people who are always in a bid to pull you down all the time. People may make fun and say weird things, but what they don’t realise is that maybe they could be in a similar situation. At least the other person is trying. Also, loving oneself is the key to happiness.

  15. Good(not good) to go through your experience…actually there were, are and will be some people who have the habit to make comments without having proper knowledge on the topic and also the criticizers will exist, its really tough (though there are) to get the people who will give you enthu, will not talk with negative tone.

    Let me tell you my secret…i dont share about my work with everyone, like none of my neighbors and the colony members know about my blogging habit, they know the rest but not everything, it does not mean that they will make negative comments but yet i dont find any logic to share with the people who know nothing about it.

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience Jyotirmoy.
      I was so exited and happy as I followed my passion and I shared it with everyone, but not every one is happy for you or understand your choices. So I focused only on building myself.😊

  16. i had to pause for a moment when you wrote, your family and friend read your writing because that’s never happened with me. i came from a very big family and whenever i share with them my writing, they just ignored it. but you did the right thing, eliminating the negative vibes would surely improve our life.

    1. Hi!! Yes they ignore only few try to understand our intentions. People live in ignorance and sometimes until we achieve something great no one appreciates. Thanks for reading 😊

  17. Only a few have the courage to pour out the pains so honestly… so I admire you for that. As far as your work is concerned, I can only say I love reading your posts and equally enjoy watching your videos. In fact, i would suggest you to definitely try your hand at hosting a radio show.. something on the lines of Zindagi live… Keep rocking girl… Much love

  18. More power to you girl. Am so glad we got connected through a-z. I can see so many similarities. I do something because I love to do it. Society will always have a problem!

  19. Well said Priyanka… I see the emotions behind.. As said when we care about self satisfaction nothing else matters… Just follow what we want rather satisfying others will keeps us happy….. Happy blogging…Keep doing what your heart says..

  20. All of us find people who try to pull us back from our path to chase our dreams. It’s difficult but ignoring them is the only solution. And! You are amazingly creative, never think to quit writing.

  21. Simply awesome! Many people will keep pulling you down and very few hands will support you. Say thanks to those supporting hands but never forget to be thankful to them who left you, criticise you and pulled you down. It’s their negativity that stirred something within you and made you the sunshine.
    And did I tell you one more thing, I’ve fallen
    in love with your writing style!

  22. I am a new blogger. My mom started out by opening a parlour and boutique. When I told her I plan to promote my blog in family group, she only told me this, “family will be the last to trust you. Strangers will be more welcoming. If you don’t want your heart broken, let strangers come and read you. Family will follow”. Your post just shows me she was right in her advice to me.

  23. It is very easy to fall foe negativity and loose what you have. The tribe of these people is more prevalent in social media space. The best way is to stay away from them and ignore them.

  24. So courageous of you to come out a terrible illness and start something new. The poems are amazing, Glad that you continued scratching the itch.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  25. If I were to have listened to the people around me I would be dead Priyanka. God Bless you with positive itches so that u keep achieving more milestones. Not a single friend of mine or my relatives subscribe to my blog or anything i do.I was 40 when my husband passed away and had to support 2 kids…..first thing my sasuma said was….u think that u died with him. U r alive only for the kids!!

    1. Hats off to your courage Harjeet ji! I respect you.
      Thank you for sharing your life with me and it made me realise mera dukh kitna kam hai…πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŒ·πŸŒ·

  26. Such a great read, your desire to make your dreams come true was much higher than those itches within others to bring you down! Loved reading it and yes I’m bookmarking this post!

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