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BlogChatter A2Z Day 12- Lack Of Sleep

If someone would ask me, what is one thing you want right now? Without a second thought I would exclaim, SLEEP! 

On this 12th Day of BlogChatter A2Z challenge, I want to address something which is quite an essential way to a healthy living yet ignores these days. #26days26ways

With the binge writing, balancing with household chores, dealing with a toddler, completing my desk assignments, my sleep cycles have gone for a toss and I am sure for you all as well.

I wonder how are those managing who are working full time? Yet writing such amazing and creative blogs and trying to read many of them, appreciating them and even sharing it further.

It is said that a capacity of Human Body can be gauged best under stress, the willingness, the love towards the work makes you forget every pain, you are ready to sacrifice your sleep and are ok roaming around with that sleepy potato face whole day.


Jokes apart, lack of sleep can result in unlimited stress, irritation, and varied mood swings ultimately hampering your productivity in each and every task you perform throughout your day.

A body needs repairing and maintenance too. The sleeping mode is the best way to rejuvenate ourselves. With me the problem is even when I try to sleep my mind is awake and kicking me with words, that time I feel I can even write a book, the struggle of remembering the ideas and thought plot for the next day and next write up and the need for sleep gives me hard time falling asleep.

To make things little easy for me, I started scheduling my posts well in advance and posting my link at midnight and straight away go to sleep, next morning when I am done with my morning chores and when Mr.Nair and Junior are off to work and school respectively is the time I give to write my blog and read other blogs. 

I try to take out maximum output in these 6 hours till the time my daughter is back from her school after that its only me and her and little bit of making and replying to comments. Before going to sleep I give some time to my blog to check my next posting and read some more blogs as Mr. Nair is there for the baby.

This way I tried to get some space and sleep from last two days otherwise at the beginning of this challenge I was just writing and reading continuously which left me exhausted by the end of the day.

Apart from our little blogging world, there exists a world which is even worse. In present scenario sleeping late has become so common, there was a time when staying awake till 12 was like a heinous crime, now I see people leisurely enjoying their time sitting and reading some books, watching web series, checking out something on their mobile phones and next day rushing back to work.

Lack of sleep can:

  • Effect our mental abilities and emotional state
  • Cause dullness and lethargy
  • Can contribute to weight gain by making you feel too tired to even exercise.
  • You feel exhausted the whole day and don’t feel fresh
  • Effects our ability to concentrate and memorize things

There are many negative impacts of disturbed sleeping patterns. In this world of technological friendly human approach, we have become so mechanical that we tend to ignore our body, mind, and soul altogether. 

It is only when some chronic medical emergency hit us we memorize all the leniency we showed towards managing our body.

Please take care, sleep well, stay fresh and healthy. The world can wait but health can’t. Jaan hai to Jahan hai:)


Much love and gratitude


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77 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Day 12- Lack Of Sleep

  1. Two things I can’t compromise on rather they are beyond my control – food and sleep. Though I skip meals many times and indulge into junk when I’m engrossed in writing but I eat and a lot. Earlier I used to work the whole day and after tucking kids to bed in the night, again I used to work on my blog but not anymore. It was taking toll on my health so now 8-9hrs sleep is what I aim at.

  2. Mutual feelings Priyanka! Same story and You can add one more member in the family. You are right, I also want to sleep but my mind doesn’t follow the same which my body is required now. Very relevant post. Take care of yourself and the same message for all the fellow bloggers.

  3. YES I am feeling dull and lethargic!

    My older one is on summer hols and the younger one is one and half. I write when I can. I read when I can. I sleep when I can. Only respite I am at my mom’s place for a couple of weeks!

  4. Oh this blog comes right in time. Totally agree with you my sleep is lost and all the time I hear words. I need sleep for sure

    1. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and for that proper amount of sleep is a must. And so true, even I’m lacking a good amount of sleep these days. Just trying to manage time in between the daily chores to sail through this challenge. Best wishes to you and all other participants!

  5. As mother of young kids we are anyways sleep deprived. I have read it some where that a human being can live without water and food for more days than he can live without sleep. Still we underestimate sleeping hours and schedule.

  6. I have a day job but fortunately, nowadays I am not very busy and I am able to do a fair bit of reading in the office. But if I try to write my posts in the office I would probably get kicked out the next day. And yes, the month of April does cause a lot of sleeplessness for people who are participating in A to Z. And since we are reading all day, to say nothing of writing, our sleep gets disturbed. It is also very hot in Kerala in April and even though we have the A/C on I find words crowding my mind these days when I am trying to get to sleep. But you know, I write suspense thrillers and some of my best ideas for the plot have occurred in that semi-conscious state when the mind is bordering on sleep. Sounds dramatic but yes, at least in my case it is true.

    1. Hi!! I can very well understand that and inspite of such tight schedule I see people like you taking so much effort and reading other blog also giving valuable feedback.
      Highly appreciated 😊 I will be off to Kerala this month end for a short vacation.

      1. Hi Priyanka,

        So you will be visiting Kerala! That is good to hear. If you will be visiting Ernakulam do visit our house at Kakkanad. Let me know if there is a chance that you would be visiting Ernakulam and I will give you my address and our families can meet on a mutually agreed date.


      2. Hi!!
        That’s so nice. I will be visiting near Kothamangalam for my husband’s cousin’s wedding.
        Will surely inform you if I could sneak out sometime or we visit around your area.
        Thank you so much for your kind invitation 😊

  7. Sleep is one important factor that is not given as much importance as it should. So I am glad you wrote about it, Priyanka. Catch up on your sleep and rest well this weekend:)

  8. Such an apt selection for today. I am stuck with two projects on work front this challenge and personal life but as you said stress just tests our limits. Hopefully should pull through with the requisite amount of good sleep as suggested by you.

  9. You speak for all of us participating here. My boy starts school from Tuesday. I have been running around to get his books, attend the orientation, writing daily, reading some amazing posts. All I want to do is give my tired eyes and fingers a break and simply sleep. Thankfully, it is just one more day before we get a break.

  10. For the first two year when I started blogging after my younger son’s birth, I never had sufficient time to read other blog posts or even stick to my own blogging calendar. But last year, my younger one too started going to playschool, and I had three hours to myself during the day apart from the night hours untill midnight (the kids went to sleep by 9). This really helped me up my interaction with otehr bloggers. I am still in the process of coping with the demands of being a blogger, but learning nonetheless

  11. Hey Priyanka!! did u dig deep and entered my mind? I was thinking along these lines and how badly i need to sleep. The maid has played hooky since week and my work takes up so much time.On top of that when I start reading in this sultry weather I feel like nodding off. Jaan hai to jahaan hai …I thought i had copyright to that dialogue. Just kidding πŸ™‚ We need to really take care of ourselves.Hope u r refreshed !

  12. Sleep is essential. One cannot work properly in a state of sleep deprivation. Hats off to those who have to manage family, kids, do a full time job, yet churn out posts at regular interval. They are superhuman people.

  13. I love to sleep and the day I feel I have not had my required quota of sleep I am very irritable. I like to do most of my writing and reading when my baby is in school. But yes sleeping helps a body to recover.

  14. Most problems we face nowadays are due to lack of sleep. Earlier, it was dinner at 8 and bed at 10. There were no screens to distract either.
    I just cannot do without a good sleep and am having a hard time keeping my sanity due to the lack of it. I try to even it up with afternoon naps though.

    1. I know lot of our time goes into writing, reading then household, kids,sabse jyada sleep suffer hoti hai. We need to tak ecare, Hope you havd a nice weekend πŸ™‚

  15. Today evening after a long time i have spend some lazy time, neither was totally awake nor was sleeping deep…Now feeling refreshed and started reading the blog posts on “L”.
    Good to see you have discussed this.

    1. Great!
      Yesterday midnight afte posting this L post, Ihad decide I will not write or read anything nad spend whole time with my daughter.
      Now I am sitting and replying ot comments and reading everyone πŸ™‚

  16. I feel if this blog post is for me.. I can’t feel myself if I don’t get to sleep. And there are times when I’m utmost tired but still can’t sleep because by the time my time comes , I already felt too tired to even switch off. Sadly most of the people around us would never understand about the lack of sleep and how it impacts us , especially new Moms

  17. Sleep deprivation may cause dehydration & many other health-related problems. This problem is very common these days. You chose a very good topic.

  18. How much i resonated with the title itself! You have expressed it so nicely as well aptly. I failed to do planning and is having a tough time now. Hope to do better next time.
    My liking for this title of yours has been expressed in my own post too πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you so much!! I tried commenting on your blog not sure it went through.
      I am preparing fruit popsicle inspired by your recipe, it is in deep freeze,everyone is waiting for the outcome πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

      1. Thanks for trying out popsicles. Do share the outcome too😊
        Sorry, haven’t got your Comment.

  19. Managing work like planning and scheduling the posts in advance is sure a problem solver, but our mind is a tricky jigsaw puzzle. It comes up with weird ideas or situations during the time when you really wanted to let it go. I have suffered insomnia for a few years in my life, and hope it never knocks at anyone’s door.
    Love the positivity in your post.

  20. Sleep is the probably the best medicine to keep artificial medicine away..
    Great tips put forward.. Keep sharing your tips that benefits us all..

  21. Ah you’ve echoed my thoughts! This challenge has been so bad on my sleep cycle. This coming week with my maid on leave and my son off from school, will be an even harder test! But we shall all weather it together πŸ™‚

  22. AtoZ Challenge does this to us. I consider myself pretty organised, but this time, I am really struggling. With work, chores and family and plus everyday blogging, I am pulled in multiple directions. But I cannot function without sleep, my productivity nose-dives when I am tired and only a power-nap can bring me back. Hope you have recharged your batteries this weekend and all set for the coming week. Cheers!

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