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#BLOGCHATTER A2Z THEME REVEAL 2019 – 26 Days 26 Ways

Hello fellow bloggers,

I wanted to express and I started writing in Dec 2016, totally unaware of the blogging world, I gained momentum only in 2018 and my fellow bloggers have been a tremendous source of motivation to me through their words of appreciation which only made me write more effectively and creatively.

Recently one of my blogger friends Sudip Saha recommended me to register for BlogChatter A2Z challenge and I did. This is the first time I am participating in an online challenge that too for consecutively 26 days I have to write something, what a best way to motivate self to write daily and connect with other bloggers around.

#BLOGCHATTER A2Z Challenge initiated by Team Blogchatter. Every year Blogchatter organize A2Z writing challenge, wherein you adopt a theme and write for the next 26 days using all the 26 alphabets. #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge is a special event that takes place in the month of April. Participants have to write every day except Sunday and the title on 1st April would be starting with alphabet A, 2nd April its B so on till we reach the 26th day with title commencing with Letter Z. A tough challenge would be to write on the titles beginning with Q, X, Y, and Z πŸ™‚

Time to reveal the theme!! As many of you who follow me, know that I am Mental Health Awareness Blogger, At least I call myself so πŸ™‚ and my theme for this season would be related to spreading Mental Health Awareness, spreading Self-love, Self-help, focusing on Breaking societal Stereotypes. Hope you all like reading it and hope I would be able to start and reach till the end of this challenge. 26 Days and 26 Ways of self-exploration and self-healing!

I will be welcoming you all with my very first writeup for the Challenge for Day 1 (April 1st) with the alphabet number one –‘A’  with the title ‘Acceptance’

Thank you so much for reading, wish me luck fellas!! πŸ™‚


Much love and gratitude





31 thoughts on “#BLOGCHATTER A2Z THEME REVEAL 2019 – 26 Days 26 Ways

  1. Okay,eagerly waiting for your first post and the others. I am sure you are very excited to write about so many health related issues, if possible please cover ‘Brainstroke’ as I had a brain stroke ten years back and my tongue got twisted my right hand stopped moving so I want to know more about the precautionary measures to avoid stroke.Thank you so much.Best wishes for the challenge.

    1. Oh so sorry to hear about that. Hope you fine now. Thank you for your best wishes as always. But I will be writing on mental health related issues which causes stress and anxiety in us and how can we simplify our lives by adopting little attitudenal shifts within us 😊

  2. Talking extensively about self-help and mental awareness qll through April is quite an innovative theme. Will be coming over to read!

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