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BlogChatter A2Z Writing Challenge Day 25- You are your only limit

Yes, I know I know. You know this, perhaps try not to be the hurdle in your road to success, to travel the unknown roads, to win your unknown fears and to love yourself before others.

But STILL, something stops us every now and then, in my previous blogs also I have mentioned how feelings of fear and not attempting the question paper set by the unpredictable life leads us to a place we never wanted to be and find our condition so miserable when we compare it to others.

We are conditioned to condition, to doubt, to question our own abilities and hence we do not explore our capabilities, {waah kya line bani 🙂}

Jokes apart, in the end, it is about the steps you take in order to make things work for you and what else could be the best example than this BLOGCHATTER A2Z Writing Challenge itself.

This is my first Blogchatter experience and I must say I was really very much scared before entering for the simple reason that till now if I was writing for 100 readers, with this challenge I was writing for 300 readers, the readers increased, the perceptions increased and my fear of being criticized could have also increased IF only I have chosen not to attempt this question paper.

But I chose to answer it and took it in my stride and to my amazement, I got a lot of positive feedback, a lot of encouragement and beautiful words from the readers all around which made me believe in myself and write more productively. So I broke my limit and I reached one step closer to my goals.

This was my latest encounter of breaking belief and conquering it, but sometimes it could be our parents, siblings, life partner, friends, society or something else which stops us to move ahead. But I feel if you dare to dream then nobody can stop you to fulfill it, if you wish to achieve something then nothing can come in your way… but only if YOU decide to accomplish it with a tough determination.


It doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is, but taking that first step towards addressing it is what matters. It is only you who set the limit for yourself, why do you restrain yourself from pursuing your interests, from giving your career another chance, from letting your dream take a flight?  Life is today, It is happening, It is now and nobody has seen tomorrow then why wait for tomorrow?

Why not take out those old ghungroos lying somewhere inside your old trunk, wear it and give yourself a spin?

How about wiping off the dust from your musical instrument today and strumming an unheard tune?

How about revamping your old wardrobe?

Why not join a badminton/swimming club?

We all have priorities, we all are busy with our daily life, but we just get one life and in between hustling, juggling, working and lurking we need to find out some time for self. Don’t let what you cannot do come in between what you can do.

Its time you increase the area of your limit and let your dreams fit in, don’t forget you are your only limit.

Much love and much gratitude



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41 thoughts on “BlogChatter A2Z Writing Challenge Day 25- You are your only limit

  1. Really enjoyed this article. Yes we set our own limitations. I like the way how you connect your own life experiences in your articles😊

  2. I loved knowing you Priyanka. You are an inspiration to a lot of people including me for being such a brave and spirited individual. I’ve gone back from your page with a lot of positivity. This challenge might be over for now, but my visits to your posts will continue much longer.

    1. Thank you so much for saying that Sonia, these little words of appreciation means a lot me. Even I would love to read more about your motherhood experience bagged up with mgmt fundas and challenges.

  3. You have realised your ability, you have discovered your self, this is the greatest gift one can give to one self through this blogging challenge.

  4. ‘You are only your limit’ beautifully said. Een for me this challenge was first time. Glad we finished it successfully. Would love to come back to your blog to read many inspirational posts.

  5. My mom says one has to always keep learning. there is no wrong age to learn something new. One should be always positive and keep going. Good motivational one.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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