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BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 1 – Acceptance

26 days 26 ways of healing, helping, loving, sharing and caring. I am super excited with this challenge, as I feel so motivated to write, I have something to look ahead for the next 26 days and I got enough food for my brain πŸ™‚ Here I present to you my very first blog post for the #BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge starting with the letter ‘A’.


Here I will not say that accept the person the way he or she is to make your life bit easy weasy, rather I am going to stress on making even with SELF first,Β Self Acceptance is certainly the key to happiness, before accepting others the way they are, accepting the glorious mess we are inside-outside helps to override the glory and flurry of others. We hustle, we struggle, we succeed, we fail, we rise, we shine and we just move on, but do we really move on with life? While traveling in this train of life, we come across so many stations we leave unexplored, unraveled, untraveled, we try to discover, we try to unfold so many hidden truths, deepest desires, unspoken words and in the end we just stress our mind our body, the body in which we reside, the mind which is the prime tool of our living.

The first step towards making yourself and your circumstances acceptable to others is by beginning to accept your own truth. One needs to accept and take responsibility for self in order to rise above all odds in life. Self-Acceptance does not only stress on self-understanding but also helps in self-introspection which helps us understand our weaknesses and strengths.Β  You certainly cannot be anything and everything you want to be but if you focus on what you are today, it might help you to make the road to success bit easier to travel.


We put tremendous pressure on ourselves looking at others, comparing our success metrics with others. We might not be capable of doing something today, but maybe tomorrow we might be in a much better state of mind and body to outperform others. If we keep cursing ourselves for things we could not do and goals we could not crack, we will start missing out a part of us every time we do it, and then a point will come when we will no longer be able to sustain anything in life.

Accept your present situation, If you are fighting an illness, be aware it is temporary you will recover and you will shine. If you are unemployed, take charge of your life, stop not till you get the job of your dreams or create one for yourself. If you are single, betrayed, heartbroken, accept, it was just not meant to be and do not punish yourself over and over again thinking about it. The more you punish yourself for the things happened in the past or things which are beyond your control the more will go closer to depression, anxiety, and stressful emotions.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them – Albert Einstein”

Accept your presence, Accept what you have today as nobody can go back and undo what is done but can certainly work on the present scenario for a better tomorrow. We human beings are masters of our thoughts and perceptions. Let us not make it harder for us, Take it easy. Accept your truth, work on it, Don’t forget to smile, Love yourself, embrace your self, deal with self with a little bit of sensitivity and love. No one else but you are the personal caretaker of your OWN SELF. Take Charge.

Much Love and Much Gratitude




76 thoughts on “BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 1 – Acceptance

      1. Very nice article., positive is very important for everyone. thanks 😊❀️

  1. Totally agree with the fact, If we accept first as we are then only we can think about the possibilities to improve ourselves. Wonderful post! I love it.

  2. Self acceptance, the sense of being comfortable under ones skin is very important aspect of personal growth. A person that does not like himself, cannot like others.

      1. Acceptance really a significant word to reflect upon good workπŸ’“πŸ€—

  3. I have been struggling (like most others) with the glorious mess we are inside but definitely heading towards the direction of peace and acceptance. The direction we are moving in matters more than where we are right now

  4. Everytime you put together your thoughts something really connecting, inspiring and revealing unfolds. Love the way every dot connects in your posts and lift up the mood.
    As important it is to compete, fight and survive in this world, it’s all the more important to love and accept yourself for being in denial has never helped anyone. Every phase is a curve and some are smooth and others blind. Keep churning those thoughts for this world needs more reminders than anticipated.

  5. I can resonate with this so much. This is the mantra of my life and it does help in keeping the blues away and living a sane and happy life.

  6. I agree acceptance is the key element to be happy and satisfied in life. great theme and looking forward to read all.

  7. Wonderful read. It’s so motivating. You have given me a full charge for this month 😎

  8. omg! such an amazing post and so much positivity. I was already feeling low about this A to Z blog challenge but after reading your post I feel better. πŸ™‚

  9. I do agree that self-acceptance is the key to success. Once we come to terms with ourselves and accept and love ourself all the other relationships we have become better and healthier.

  10. Such a lovely post. I have personally struggled for long to accept my present and understand my personal limits. I loved reading your post, which makes so much sense.

  11. One can keep others happy if one is happy and content. Similarly, one needs to accept oneself with all the flaws in order to accept the beautiful world outside. Lovely article Priyanka!

  12. Such a positive beginning of A2Z. I am glad that I have overcome that comparing phase in my life. Now I am a happy person doing things that make me happy. Self acceptance is the first step towards happiness. Loved this article

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