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BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 2 – Be you in all ways & always

26 days 26 ways of healing, helping, loving, sharing and caring.Β Here I present to you my second blog post for the #BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge starting with the letter ‘B’.

Be you in all ways and always!

How many times in life, you have been cursed for how you are? How you walk, how you talk, what you choose to wear, what you eat, and how you look? I am a very simple living person, a minimalist,Β  who focus on broader aspects of life and stay away from anything and everything which brings nothing but negativity in life. I have stopped paying heed to what others think and how they react to my choices. As in my last post Acceptance, I talked about how accepting our own truth and identifying our inner strengths and weakness makes us a stronger person. I will go ahead while I share how I accepted and chose myself.

Choosing not to please people doesn’t mean that we are choosing to be rude or ignorant. There are times and situation wherein you might feel like the victim of your own circumstances. Initially you let people invade in your space, once they enter, they capture and conquer your territory and you start getting restless, that is the point you exactly understand what went wrong, I am a highly emotional and sensitive person who lets everyone in her life, at least I used to be, a while ago. As I moved on with my life, I experienced a lot of bitterness around, not everyone who appears to be with you is actually with you, not everyone who follows you on social media likes you or loves you. There is a very thin line in between for us to identify and understand it.

IMG_20181214_102102_792You cannot please everyone, you cannot churn yourself to suit everyone’s needs and demand all the time. But something you surely know is what you want for yourself. Right from clothing, to cooking, from working to being a homemaker, from being an engineer to being a photographer, it is entirely your own choice. When I started blogging, no one entertained the idea. Perhaps people use to make fun of my career choice and doubt my abilities to write and sustain for even a few months, today it’s been two years, I have penned over 230 articles and poetries and have been writing regularly and doing fine with what all the minimum efforts I put. When I started my own youtube channel that was the time I faced the real heat, the hate, the negative vibes from my near ones, can’t call them dear ones now πŸ™‚

Not all of my friends are my subscribers, hardly any relative or known person admire my efforts. There exists hardly a few bunch of people who keep me going. Apart from this, I experience episodic criticism from them, what for? Just trying to make some space, an identity for myself? It used to bother me a lot, it used to trap me in a negative zone. But I realized that if I give in for this situation then I would give up on my whole idea of making my own identity which was way bigger than any negative comment or word of criticism I have come across. Hence I stopped listening to them and started to cut loose all the source of toxicity out of my life. I kept limited contact with people and stick to the ones who bring out the best in me.Β 

swami v

I swear by this quote of Swami Vivekananda and I read it again and again, there is so much power in these words, which puts an urge inside you to gear up and do something for yourself. It sounds difficult but trust me it is not that difficult to implement once you decide to take the ownership of your mental being. You just have to take charge of your self, help your self when no one else is helping you. Remember, No one gives you the power you have to take it.

Be you in all ways and always!!Β 

Much love and gratitude



#BlogChatterA2ZΒ  #26days26ways

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85 thoughts on “BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 2 – Be you in all ways & always

  1. It’s magic and inspiration every time you wield that pen and spill the ink. Relating the post to your experiences gives it an unparalleled authenticity and portrays your strength and courage to face the world πŸ™‚ . I bow to the spirit with which you break the chains and motivate others. Cheers!

      1. Very true Priyanka! We cannot please everyone and this is also true If we are doing right our work would be recognised sooner or later. True souls also exist now. I loved the post.

  2. What a beautiful thought! I totally agree with you, It takes a lot to understand that our life is not only made to please others. there were so many years that I lived to meet my parents expectations, my hussbandΒ΄s, my relatives… it took a lot o time to finally detach myself of their expectations of what did everyone for me. especially as everyone had so different plans.
    Uff, I think that being a writer, has been the first dream that is totally mine. And only a tiny circle of relatives know IΒ΄m writing. Hopefully soon…
    Thank you so much for your blog posts, IΒ΄ll be following you this month. πŸ™‚

  3. Another great post on being one’s own self. It is better to explore, build and develop an idea than to dabble into many things. Look forward to reading more inspiring posts like this.

  4. I dont know how to be anyone else exvept myself and mt best version is a long journey.A very interesting journey.About youtube channel :keep vlogging .Somehow the video didnt play on your website !

  5. Only you can make a difference to your life. And you are already doing that by taking tiny steps towards creating your own identity. A post full of positive thoughts and messages. Enjoyed reading it

    1. Thanks and I would again say that practising it makes it easier to follow, I have adopted this practise,it’s been difficult but miracles happen when you choose to step out of your comfort zone.

  6. Your posts are always inspiring one Priyanka.. True that not everyone appreciates our work not even our closed on some times.. We should work for our own satisfaction…

  7. Of course, there were times in my life where I doubted myself. But as you said, no one can take away your confidence and spirit unless you let them do that. Amazing post. Loved the quotes too.

  8. I am not a people pleaser so I understand what you mean here. I help people and they and many others think its for pleasing others which is not. But it doesnt effect me anymore. Its their thoughts and my karma. This is what i believe in. Its only and only us who can change our life. lovely post

  9. Loved your thoughts. In a world that is trying to constantly change us, having the conviction to be what we want to be is incredible. Keep going! 😊

  10. Love your title and your topic for today! Trying to be someone else will only delay the journey to being the best version of ourselves. Nice post!

  11. yes, many times to please others we forget ourselves, a strong message. But sometimes it becomes the need of hour when our aging parents or demanding kids are with you.

  12. Agree with you completely! It’s literally impossible to keep everyone pleased. You can’t do it. You can try — and fail miserably — but you can work on pleasing yourselves by accepting who you are and you will always succeed. Love that you have persisted and followed your passion of blogging despite challenges. Great going, girl!!

    Shilpa Garg #AtoZChallenge

  13. Every word is true! I have been through something similar. Being an emotional person it is easy for people to target you and bring you down. They know exactly where to shot the gun and hurt you. It takes a lot of time and emotional drainage to understand that life is all about us, and how we make our dreams come true no matter what people say. If our loved ones really love us, they will eventually support us, help us, accept us with our flaws any which way, and the worse part is we always come to know who really our loved ones are and who are not in dark times when we actually are in need of people. keep writing.

  14. You are enough, my friend. Be your own saviour. Some people will always try to pull you down. It’s their work. Let’s do ours. Inspirational post Priyanka!

  15. Living a life to please others will always be a failure. When we stick to being ourselves, people treat us with respect. Personal experience☺️. Loved this article too. They are so inspiring

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