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BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 3 – Criticism

26 days 26 ways of healing, helping, loving, sharing and caringย ๐Ÿ™‚ย Here I present to you my next blog post for the #BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge starting with the letter โ€˜Cโ€™.

A maligned disease called “Criticism”

This single nine lettered word is powerful enough to cause depression, suicidal thoughts, and isolation in people around the world. This word has been the catalyst for why people have locked their desires, passion, and hobbies and are living their life by making huge efforts not to come under the public scanner. The power of this word in shattering someone’s self-esteem is legendary.

Over the time people have found new and innovative ways to take this word into the mainstream and with the advent of social media, it has been a cakewalk for the cult followers of this demigod to unleash their wrath on the poor and hapless souls.

Trust me when I say this, If given a choice we can be critical about anything and everything around us, but why do we really need it?ย  It is indeed very easy to criticize others and destroy them through your words, but isn’t there any other way we can put forward our thoughts without maligning the person?

Why can’t criticism come in a polite and constructive way? Why does it always have to be explosive, destructive and earth-shattering? Why can’t people accept the fact that not everyone is the same and that people canโ€™t be perfect all the time?


I personally have a problem with people who think they are perfect. Perfection is thrown around so casually by people who make it look like they bought a kilogram of perfectionism from a grocery store. If someone is aiming for perfection with a true heart then I will salute that person but it should not be at the cost of causing criticism to others.

Everyone who believes he or she is a perfect being needs to understand that even they started out as amateurs. A little bit of attitude alteration might go a long way.


Let’s start a movement and let’s take a vow that we will never criticize others and if by any chance we are better than someone lets help that person in being better. One can be analytical but being critical is not professional. We are the privileged few who can read and write and use words to our advantage, so let us use for better things in life. Let

‘s promise ourselves that the next time we use our knowledge it should be to lift others and not to pull them down. There is immense talent in this world and they are just waiting for that one positive word from someone who will give them the confidence to come out of their isolation and create an impact on this world.

I want each and every one of you reading this to make a promise to yourself that you will never criticize anyone you come across because never know the battle that person is fighting within the self.

Let us come together and not be the reason for someone to go back into hiding. Let’s spread some love around.

Much love and gratitude



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63 thoughts on “BLOGCHATTERA2Z Challenge Day 3 – Criticism

  1. I do believe that to some extent criticism helps in our growth. But I have come across some authors, especially because I am essentially a book blogger, tend to shy away from constructive criticism and it kinda irks me because unless they know their mistakes how will they grow!

    1. Thank for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes if it is only constructive and beneficial to others, which is hardly the case. If we have a look on a broader level right from family members, co workers, boss, in-laws you will find people criticising each other which brings nothing good in them.

  2. First things first. The quotes you use are so full of impact and every topic picked sets a benchmark. Criticism indeed has a very thin line of breach. Constructive being a boon and destructive being a bane. I love you approach towards such sensitive topics and the intricate manner in which you uplift the spirits. Every soul needs a hand and a push and your posts inspire us all (gifted souls) to do out bit.

  3. Criticism can be a double edged sword. While constructive criticism can be very good and shape a persons life, a caustic word can destroy a person’s self esteem. I guess one should decide to critique in a calm mood so that one can take a balanced view of the subject at hand.

  4. I believe in only constructive criticism with some compulsions. I respect If positives also mentioned with negatives. Criticism on the behalf of only negatives, I don’t appreciate at all. Very valid point you raise in this post.

  5. I am born with sun sign Virgo which claims I am a good critic…so yeah, I know I can pin point even a microscopic flaw in everything. But I have purposely decided not to air any of it. If it bothers me, I have learnt to ignore. But If it is asking to be corrected, I tell it politely and let the person decide what he or she wants to do next. I am in a lookout for perfection…but I also am aware…No one can be!๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Criticism is everywhere in todayโ€™s world. I learned the hard way to only accept positive criticism and ignore the rest. Also, I am not opening my mouth these days unless somebody really asks for my opinion. No point to add to the mess thats already there

  7. Wonderful post Priyanka, criticism in positive sense is always wellcome. Reprimanding someone is an act of guilt. On the contrary, the person experiencing harsh criticism could go panic. . It really needs to be changed.

  8. Criticism has the ability to push a person into depression. I see criticism almost in every relation. I guess its time that we stop this and give positive feedback instead.

  9. i remember when first time i asked an actual writer to read my blog and give a review. 10 minute later when she replied, she tears me from limb to limb and criticizes the hell out of me. later she told me that it was necessary to do that, in order to achieve greatness, first someone needs to show you where you stand. like the subject, looking forward to read more.

    1. Oh my god that would have been too much to handle for you..We all learn and grow, everybody is a beginner when he or she starts anything new, one must never forget that. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. I know exactly what you mean and intend to say in this post. This comes in more significant when its our kids we are criticising. The kids go into hiding for life and are never able to realise their full potential

  11. Itโ€™s a sensitive topic. We have no idea how the other person will take it. Even if we are polite & constructive, it might sound harsh to some. Very well written & loved the quotes

  12. People criticise others because they look at the situation from their own perspective if they start putting themselves in others shoes before criticizing then half of the problem will be sorted. Very nice topic.

  13. Someone rightly pointed out that criticism is a double edged sword.. It can be used for defence (growth) and it could be used to kill!! In today’s world lifting another human has become rare and pushing someone down generally seems the norm. I absolutely agree with you in taking an oath of no negative criticism unless nedded and that too in a way that is easy to accept. Very well written Priyanka.

  14. Such a valid point, Criticism is healthy ONLY if it has positive feedback. I remember at the beginning of my blogging days, I have received such flak for small grammatical and punctuation mistakes. People have called it rubbish or not syncing with the theme etc. I just brushed off them from my life and continued to work on improvement.

  15. People with different minds have existed from the beginning of this world, they will exist and we have to accept this truth…after the experiences faced in my life from my childhood days i have realized it and accepted this.
    It was really good to go through your views…

  16. Wonderful post Priyanka. Critisism effects one’s confidence and also discourages him. It should be in a positive sense. As a mom, I have changed such type of behaviour towards my kids too.

  17. The itch to criticize is present in everyone I think. That’s why we are quick to criticise others but bad at taking it ourselves. This one is a good thought-provoking post…. thanks for sharing

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