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Broken Dreams

Let your broken dreams make some noise

Pick up all the pieces with some courage and poise

No matter how hard the situation is make it bend, make it break

Let them know your determination is stronger than any renunciation and you are not here just for the sake

Your dream were nurtured by you, energised by your dedication and devotion, make it count,make it worth.

Much love and gratitude



21 thoughts on “Broken Dreams

  1. Super motivating piece on broken dreams for no one can dare break us. One thing is my favorite and always think about is collecting shards of glass one by one to craft a new object.

  2. It’s the spirit which gives soul to our words and there is no dearth of it in your world. A strong, adamant and cheerful person you are full of ways to try and not ever give up.
    This poetic piece is a sweet reminder of the same warrior spirit 🤜🤛💪😊.

  3. Sleep with the pieces of your broken dreams under the pillows. It will remind you time and again that you have to mend it soon and have to go miles. Keep dreaming my friend!

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