Virtual Siyahi

नियत पर सवाल – कविता

नियत पर सवाल यह जो वक़्त मैंने कुछ कहने और सुनने में बिताया है यह वो अनमोल पल है जो मैंने किसी के साथ ना बिताया


A classic damage it might turn trapped within time loop it gets churn and churn A time ago forever and a hope beyond any divine

वजूद – Existence

अपने अस्तित्व की तलाश में निकला था ये वजूद, रास्ते में लोग जुड़ते गए और कुछ छूटते गए .फिर भी चलता रहा ये वजूद अपनी ही एक तलाश में

मेरा साहस मेरा सारथि

मेरा साहस मेरा सारथि पथ पे चाहे कांटे हज़ार हों तेरे वजूद को झुटलाने चाहे कितने ही लोग तैयार हो जो चल पड़ा है तू

प्रकृति और जीवन

प्रकृति का अध्ययन, प्रकृति से प्रेम , प्रकृति के करीब रहना यह आपको कभी भी विफल नहीं करेगा. प्रकृति में गहराई से देखो, और फिर आप सब कुछ बेहतर समझ जायेंगें।


Shikva bhi tumse hai shikayat bhi tumse hai
dard bhi tum ho aur marham bhi tum ho…

प्रति – योगिनी

यह पल एक जीवन शाला है इसके तृण तृण में सार समाया है कुछ मिथ्या है तो कुछ सत्य कुछ मिलावट है तो कही थोड़ी

A War inside the Head

I see the road I always wanted to travel A place forbidden for me but I had to unravel Distance doesn’t scare me Hardwork doesn’t

Words & Me

I belong here this is between me and my words the ink and the paper I reside somewhere in between my pen and those bare

Missing pieces

one day one moment any second of your life could be that moment in which either you take pride or you are taken for a

Lemons or Lemonade

Life throws lemons make a lemonade, why?

Take them, crush them, and throw them back as you have had enough of this trade

In The Middle Of Nowhere

Don’t trust themWhen they sayThey will stay forever Don’t trust themWhen they askYou to stay forever Forever is no where Don’t seek solace in there

क्या है मिथ्या

जीने का अरमान या मौत सा सुकूं उजाले की किरण या अँधेरे की चुभन है सब माटी का माटी में ही मिल जाना है किसका

Who are they?

First, they ignore you later they sneak up on you they watch you they hate you they follow you but they don’t admit they want

Dead end

A road to apocalypse a sound of unshuttering waves a rusted closed door in the middle of high stone walls like a dark deep well

Kuch Khwab Pure Se

Kuch khwaish adhuri si.. kuch khwab pure se.. kuch zindagi ke tarane ab bhi gungunane baki hai.. ~~~~ Saans jo chalti hai nishpaksh, nischal usme


सोचा की यह देहलीज़ लाँघ दू, की अब और सहा नहीं जाता.. कितना भी सोच लू पर अब और कुछ कहा नहीं जाता.. आज अपने

Broken Dreams

Let your broken dreams make some noise Pick up all the pieces with some courage and poise No matter how hard the situation is make

Beyond ME

For all the steps I take in order for me to make a life of my dream for that lasting gleam for the enormous space

Do Lafz

Ishq ka fitoor kaif bana chala Tujhse marassim hu kuch is tarah  ki dil se taluq hi chuta sa hai.. Ranjishe hi ab to ishq

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Alas, that Spring should vanish with the Rose! That Youth’s sweet-scented manuscript should close! The Nightingale that in the branches sang, Ah, whence, and whither

I am ready

You can TRY, but you CANNOT break my spirit!✍️ When you love your dreams, you love each and every part of your life and you


Wrapped in a shield of time here lies my story of whittling innocence with all the ups and downs and unhealthy incidence pleasing people, giving


What are dreams made of? some recurring visions some unspoken truths some unuttered promises some muted prominence few unturned pages of love and affection few

Dil se bedili

Taumra dil se bedili kar bethe hai ki ab to dil ka sukun bhi bebuniada hai.. bas ye sochkar hairan hu ki kyu mera dukh

Enrouting to self

I have been there, seen it all Even when I was not needed, I was there to catch them before they fall I laughed with

Main kaun hu

Ek chahat bhara nagma kisi ke rooh ka sukun kisi ka sapna kisiki khwahish kisika gurur kisike dil ka surur to kisike aankho ka noor

Just a surname!

Dear Mother-in-law, I was married with whole customs and rituals to your son. I too had a family like yours. I too had a loving


होति क्या हैं यह तन्हाईयाँ महज़ एक एहसास ही तो है किसीका प्यार पाने की आस ही तो है एक खालीपन एक अनसुना साज़ ही


I watch myself rise, I watch myself fall through a distance, I stand and I see it all I have this shield of solitude around

Alfazon se ishq

“Ye ishq nahi asan bas itna samajh lijiye ek aag ka dariya hai , dub ke jana hai” Mohabbat aur mausiiqii ke kisse to bohat

Waqt to lagta hai

Kuch pedo ko phal dene mein.. kuch kaliyo ko khil jane mein.. kuch patto ko lehrane mein.. kuch panchio ko pankh phelane mein.. kuch parindo

So much to live for

Let me explore each corner of every emotion Let me go through every pain to understand the well-perceived notion Let me discover newness within me

Let’s be BRAVE!

No matter how mountain-high the difficulties appear to be, they are all terrible but delusions… Crush your fear and it banishes… Face your fear and

My Story by another woman!

Recently I was interviewed by a renowned Journalist Mahima Sharma, An award-winning Independent Journalist & Content Curator based in New Delhi. She is Ex-News Editor,

A tribute to beauty

He weaved poetry… I loved his symmetry… With just a few conversation exchange… Someone for a change… Took me to the moon with his magical

If silence could kill

If silence could kill… The feeling of emptiness… The pain of reverence… That never-ending wait… That unfelt bait… I could live with an unspoken lie…

Let me write!

For the fear of words I have..let me write… For the never dying will power within me…let me write… You can’t tie me down with

I Choose ME!

From all the chaos outside.. I seek peace inside.. For all the judgement mongers.. I leave you there and here I slumber.. For all the

A Mother’s Delight!

One September evening, at 6 O’clock, I first met her.. Eyes with sparkling purity, tender touch of her skin, From the moon she must have