Dead end

A road to apocalypse a sound of unshuttering waves a rusted closed door in the middle of high stone walls like a dark deep well   I swallow my fear every inch every quarter I reside in the pain and it is no longer unknown to me I fear the known now I have lived …

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virtual siyahi


सोचा की यह देहलीज़ लाँघ दू, की अब और सहा नहीं जाता.. कितना भी सोच लू पर अब और कुछ कहा नहीं जाता.. आज अपने ही हाथो से मैंने अपने सपनों को तोड़ा हैं.. इन बेज़ुबान पन्नों को अपने इन हाथो से फाड़कर अपनी मुट्ठी में मड़ोड़ा है… पर ज़रा मेरे सपनों की शिद्दत तो …

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Broken Dreams

Let your broken dreams make some noise Pick up all the pieces with some courage and poise No matter how hard the situation is make it bend, make it break Let them know your determination is stronger than any renunciation and you are not here just for the sake Your dream were nurtured by you, …

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Virtual Siyahi

Beyond ME

For all the steps I take in order for me to make a life of my dream for that lasting gleam for the enormous space to stay in the race I get up every day, I fight all my fears I smile bright, hiding all my tears I have a vision which doesn’t let me …

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virtual siyahi

Do Lafz

Ishq ka fitoor kaif bana chala Tujhse marassim hu kuch is tarah  ki dil se taluq hi chuta sa hai.. Ranjishe hi ab to ishq ka qasid ban gayi ye to bas do lafz ki talash ne tujhse mukhatib kara diya   On a shayarana note Priyanka #VitualSiyahi