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Day 10 – Magic Dust Everyone

Day 10 of 28 Magical Days

Are you with me yet? Is anyone following these practices with me? πŸ™‚

“No duty is more urgent than that of giving thanks.”

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Gratitude is a powerful energy, and so whomever you direct gratitude’s energy toward, that’s where it goes. If you think of gratitude’s energy looking like sparkling magic dust, then when you express gratitude to another person in return for something you’ve received from them, you are literally sprinkling them with that magic dust! The powerful, positive energy in magic dust reaches and affects whomever you sprinkle it on. Most of us make contact with many people every day, whether on the phone, through email, or face to face at work, in stores, restaurants, elevators, buses, or trains, and in many cases the people we make contact with deserve our gratitude because we are receiving something from them.

Think about the people you encounter on a typical day who provide you with some kind of service, like those working in stores or restaurants, bus or cab drivers, customer service people, cleaners, or the staff at your work. The people who work in service are giving themselves to serve you, and you are receiving their service. If you don’t say thank you in return for their service, then you’re not being grateful, and you’re stopping good from coming into your life.

At times you may encounter a person in service who behaves rudely toward you or doesn’t give you the attention you think you deserve. It may be more challenging to be grateful in those situations, but your gratitude cannot be dependent on another person’s behavior. Choose to be grateful no matter what! Choose magic in your life no matter what! It might help you to remember that you don’t know what difficulty someone might be going through at the time you connect with him or her. They may be feeling unwell, they may have just lost a loved one, their marriage might have just ended, or they may be in desperation and at a tipping point in their life. Your gratitude and kindness might be the most magical thing that happens to them that day.

Magic Practice Number 10
Magic Dust Everyone
1. Count Your Blessings. Make a list of ten blessings. Write why you’re grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say thank you, thank you, thank you, and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can.
2. Today, sprinkle magic dust on ten people who perform services you benefit from, by thanking them directly or otherwise by mentally acknowledged and thanking them. Feel grateful to them for the service they perform!
3. Just before you go to sleep tonight, hold your Magic Rock in one hand, and say the magic words, thank you, for the best thing that happened during the day.
4. Read through tomorrow’s practice today, because the practice for Day 11 begins when you first wake up. (So posting today)

Much Love



Reference: The Magic- Rhonda Byrne

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  1. nice post. this part inspires me most: “Count Your Blessings. Make a list of ten blessings. Write why you’re grateful. Reread your list, and at the end of each blessing say thank you, thank you, thank you, and feel as grateful … “

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