Virtual Siyahi

Dead end

A road to apocalypse

a sound of unshuttering waves

a rusted closed door

in the middle of high stone walls

like a dark deep well


I swallow my fear every inch every quarter

I reside in the pain and it is no longer unknown to me

I fear the known now

I have lived amidst chaos and beauty

lie and truth doesn’t excite me anymore


Right or wrong doesn’t serve any pertinence

I have raised my level higher

and I have freed myself of all the desire


I speak less

I observe more

I seek peace

I offer more

I pause, I breathe, I reflect and I godspeed.


 Much love and gratitude




31 thoughts on “Dead end

      1. aap bhi na…yaha hum chahte hue bhi exam paper me kuch nai likh pate h…jo bhi kaho…talent ka to bhandar laga hua h India me. 😊

  1. “I have free myself of all the desire” – This is most important for being happy. Beautiful poem, Priyanka… Stay blessed.. enjoyed your and Shubham’s conversation…

  2. This poem echoes the shrieks of a soul which is free to the world but bound by his/her own chains. Breaking free is easy sometimes but we fear the next step. This poem is one of your most content pieces because neither you thought while writing nor did you try to rhyme. Beautifully expressed.

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