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Decreasing Attention Span!!

I am not sure if you will read till the end. Will you? As we all know we just scroll stuff, read few lines, and if it pleases our attention then we move on to read it full or we just turn off to another one… right?

With the increased digitized lifestyle, we want every thing quick and fast. The subversive era of smartphones have left us to decreasing attention span over the period, we do not even realize and it has got into us already.

Example: We plan to buy a watch online, we simply type the kind of watch we are looking for,in the Google Search Engine, we get multiple results, we usually click out the of first three ads displayed in front of us, as soon as we click , and if the page takes more than 6 seconds to load we move to another option…Another site already, without even waiting for the page to load fully and how much time? hardly few seconds??

In real world we are never time bound, no time restrictions and no discipline but when it comes to the online world even seconds counts, it looks like we waited to longer, this website sucks, pages are not loading and we just loose interest in the content. Problem? What do you think is the problem here? The Google Search Engine? The website? The content or the multiple available options to us , or our decreasing attention span?


Image Source : Google( bullet focus)

If we go deep into the technicalities of a website, the page speed and the content , yes there are times when there are serious issues with the particular web page and that time your recorded response to it is also acceptable. Most of the times it the availability and exposure to thousands of options to us, because google has it all and nobody is questioning us. People with more digital lifestyle, who are multi-screeners, social media enthusiasts, find it hard to focus on environment where extended attention is needed. The most effected group among the humans are , The Children, as when they are excessively exposed to the multi screens, they fail to sustain attention on one thing more than 20 minutes and have to repeatedly re-focus on the same thing to understand it. This somehow effects the understanding and behavioral pattern of the child.

We as adults can totally eliminate this when we know what information we are looking for and what exactly we want. We need to reach to the right resource and minimize the screen time. In this fast- pace digitized world, it has definitely become a need to be somewhere and in some amount be present on the Social Media. It the way how we use it and the world gets along. Stay focused, have some your time, without any phone around you, have real conversations with real people. I hate it when I try to strike a conversation with someone asking about something and they en-route me to search it on google, showing their preceding level of intelligence.Alas!! It is a tough ride but its all in mind, if you do not let it take a toll over your mind, it will not matter and your attention and focus zone will stay safe with you. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Decreasing Attention Span!!

  1. I think with the life style of dabbling into so many things that leads to this decreasing attention span and the problem with us is that we don’t listen. It sucks. I am both guilty and a victim. Need to work out a schedule to concentrate on few things on a day to be more efficient.

      1. No dont do that,its hard for people like us when we are so much into reading and writing…just decide upon the timings, say after 6 in evening or ur suitable bracket,start by reducing not by turning off all together 🙂

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