Virtual Siyahi

Enrouting to self

I have been there, seen it all

Even when I was not needed, I was there to catch them before they fall

I laughed with them

I cried with them

My day and nights were for and with them

I devoted all my time and my energy in pleasing people

building relationships

and I started missing little parts of me

I did things only for them to see

I forgot to prioritize and then, I realize

What am I doing with myself? Who will be there with me till the end?

It will be me and myself and so much to mend

Alas! I en-routed myself to me and took up one idea

made that idea my life and I work on that idea day and night

to build myself and wish a wonderful life to spend.


Much love and gratitude





8 thoughts on “Enrouting to self

  1. Yes valuing oneself is as important as helping others. While finding ways to create happiness for others we must not lose out on the opportunity to create happiness for ourselves. A lovely post indeed, keep it up mate!

  2. You know I have realized at the end of the day, the self has to take it all and pleasing people means we are the only one facing the brunt, negative or suppressed feeling. Well done.

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