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Every Scar Has a Story.

We see many of us etched with scars on our body, some people manage to live with it by hiding it under their clothes, they choose to wear long sleeves or high necks. Some find it difficult to hide their scars and hide themselves instead. What makes them do it? Scars are proof that the person must have been through something terrible, isn’t it?  Honestly speaking, no one gets through this life without getting some scars laced on our skin which remains with us forever.

We all have some scar on our body, deeply engraved, reminding us of pain, betrayal,  a life-threatening decision taken in a fit of rage or as wonderful as giving birth to a new-born, a new life. What importance does scars have in life or what does it indicate to us?

Some scars are proof that you survived, some prove that you gave birth to another life, what is a life without some scars?  Scars are the proof you tried to fall in love, you tried to drive a car, you gave birth to a new life, you cook in kitchen too often, you do some real hard work, you are involved in too much physically exerting activity. Perhaps scars the proof of your existence. There is always something beautiful about the scars we carry on our body, that the harm is done, it’s over, the wound is healed and sealed, it only left behind a memory, that you had been to place from where you managed to come back. Your scars are your daily reminder that you had the courage to survive and you are stronger than anything which caused you that scar.

We all get ourselves inked, a permanent tattoo and we admire them because we get to choose them and decorate them as alluring as we can, the only problem with a scar is they look ugly in the beginning, they occur on the space where they don’t belong to and we have to live with it. But if you learn to embrace the beauty behind the experience, you will learn to admire the importance of that scar and it will no longer be a tale of pain or sorrow for you but a moment of courage to overcome and survive. Wounds become beautiful, when healed by love and the scars they leave are always cherished.

On this note , I leave you to figure out, what do you choose to do with your scar? Embrace it or curse it? Turn you scars into stars!



4 thoughts on “Every Scar Has a Story.

  1. I really love the topics you choose Priyanka and motivates us on the burden of scars that we face. We can always overturn the scars on our soul and making it our strength. Of course, bruises remain.

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