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Everyday is a Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

With two beautiful ladies (myMom and my little girl) by my side, every day is a mother’s day for me but if I don’t write something for my Maa on this day then it will be unfair 😃

My mom is my source of life, for the janani she is…
bearing me in her womb for nine months was not enough and now she carries me in her heart forever…

Her love for me is a continuous process nurturing, for the mamta she is

The strength, the courage she fills my soul with gives me a new hope every day, for the shakti she is

Teaching me the value of food, money, and virtues with her experience, for the annapurna she is

Educating me with life skills and making me ready to acquire enormous knowledge, for the saraswati she is

A follower of my maa with the qualities of the divine supreme durga maa fills my soul with courage and makes me unstoppable to achieve anything in life.

Will share a quote by Oprah Winfrey in the end:
“We should no longer allow a mother to be defined as “just a mom.” It is on her back that great nations are built. We should no longer allow any woman’s voice to be drowned out or disregarded. As we affirm other women, and as we teach our sons, husbands, and friends to hold them in the highest regard, we honor both the mothers whose shoulders we’ve stood on and the daughters who will one day stand tall on ours.”❤️

Respect Maa, give her attention and lots of love as only after becoming a mother I realized what all my Mom must have been through in order to raise us (me and my younger brother), it is a lifetime commitment of unconditional love and care.

Much love and gratitude




20 thoughts on “Everyday is a Mother’s Day

  1. What a beautiful tribute to the two most important ladies in your life. You have a way with your words, an oomph of a different kind 👌.

  2. I know of being late but Mother’s Day is an everyday affair, making small changes as caring and loving humans towards Maa. This reflection expresses your love for your mother, Priyanka.

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