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Things I learned from Blogchatter Writing Challenge


As many of you know that I have been practicing gratitude over a long time now and it is one of my life dicta to express gratitude towards everything which makes or adds even a little difference in my life.

Now talking about Blogchatter, it is an independently run community, being a voice of the bloggers, creating personal brands and helping in redefining the vision of the bloggers and newly published author. It is India’s first and world’s second blogging campaign based on Alexa and associated tools.

They have been conducting the very famous A2Z Writing Challenge from the past ten years, a whole decade. Every April they give an equal chance an opportunity to every blogger to participate in the one-month writing challenge and eventually they get a chance to publish their eBook towards the end of the challenge.

Additionally the world’s largest number of Ebooks published in one go – in the year 2017 where the 33 eBooks published through the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival alone, now that’s huge.

My experience with Blogchatter:

I was directed to the Blogchatter Writing Challenge through a blogger friend of mine, Sudip Saha, a tech and a lifestyle blogger. I was a little skeptical initially because the rules of the participants were such that the participants were supposed to follow a theme throughout the month.

As it is I write daily so writing daily was not a problem but deciding upon a theme was. With over two years of blogging and 300 blogs in my credit, by now I had identified a niche for myself, a topic or an area of interest on which I love to write and explore. The theme I chose was none other than Mental Health Awareness because I thought this could be the best opportunity to spread some awareness on the topic and develop my content in this niche.

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So by now the theme was sorted, the mind was programmed to write consistently and effectively for the next 30 days for a wider audience and the tension level rose higher as well:

  1. Choosing the topic and doing justice with the theme until the end adhering to the blog title starting with the alphabets.
  2. Writing and reading daily became a mandate, and when some task becomes a mandate you panic for a while as it occupies a space in your daily routine.
  3. Choosing the blog title beginning with letter Q, X, Z and yet adhering to the theme
  4. Brainstorming for the best ideas to promote awareness in the simplest form
  5. Since it was vacation time and I was traveling a lot so had to struggle for wifi signals at times.
  6. Fear of not completing the task we took in our hands.

Learnings and Outcomes:

Now comes the best part, no matter how much we say that we just write because we love to write, although which is true but the fact is everyone wants to get appreciated, recognized and noticed for the hard work they put in. Aren’t we artists too? We create art daily through our creative thinking and usage of words, the topic we choose to write and the words we weave together is an art in itself.

With this one month A2Z Writing Challenge I was exhausted, tired and had disturbed sleep patterns but trust me it was worth. Yes, it was an amazing learning experience. The best way to measure our abilites is to test them, to challenge our own self and come out of the comfort zone to exactly understand what we are capable of.

  1. I created 26 unique blogs which were later converted into 26 chapters
  2. I could write daily, read daily and interact with amazing bloggers whom I never knew before
  3. I made new blogger friends
  4. I learned new things, came across amazing blogs and writing styles.
  5. My stats increased and my social media presence increased.
  6. I learned to promote myself
  7. I went Live on Instagram
  8. Above all I published my very first eBook, yes the main aim of this whole theme is to give a push to the bloggers. The ones who could complete the whole challenge and wanted to convert their one-month daily blog to the eBook were most welcomed to publish it through Blogchatter.
  9. Finally, the day came and I could see my own book on the shelf, “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”
  10. I learned what I am capable of only by trying.

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This is all I wanted to share as it has been a beautiful journey of almost three months now, while I was writing and sharing my blogs and later developed my very first eBook. I was promoting it for free from the last two months just to get some constructive feedback.

I thank all of you who have downloaded my eBook and have given me amazing feedback. My book has been downloaded for 620 times and effective from today I am putting my eBook “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You” on for a very negligible price.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sudip for letting me know about this whole challenge and the team Blogchatter for their enormous support and providing us with this platform. I would like to thank my fellow blogger friends for appreciating my views and thoughts on Mental Health and being by my side throughout the challenge. A special thanks to Anupriya Gupta, Author of “Because I promised” to help me with the book title.

Much Love and gratitude



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  1. Challenge yourself everyday, movevon to the next just as you did with this challenge. Wishing you all the BEST in all your future endeavours. Just go beyond:)

  2. We Learn to swim only by jumping deep into the water, Likewise you jumped deep into writing and you did not let yourself drown instead you came back with a BOOK ✨👌 You are doing awesome..✨ We inspire you✨

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